The YMCA of Dane County Swim Team provides swimmers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to excel in the sport of swimming. Our program meets the needs of the novice competitive swimmer to State Champions and National Qualifiers. Our Coaching Staff provides swimmers with the opportunity to excel through a structured, encouraging and supportive environment. We believe that success is the result of a solid foundation of the fundamentals of proper stroke technique and balanced workouts.




Swimmers on the team should attend as many practices as possible. It is not necessary to attend every practice the entire season and it is understood that team members in all groups participate in multiple activities and have family commitments. However it is still an expectation that swimmers attend practice regularly. Coaches believe it is important to participate and experience activities outside of swimming. If you do participate in multiple activities, please inform coaches of your commitments so that they know when to expect you at practice. Having an established schedule is good for the swimmers and for the coaches so they can help each swimmer develop and become the best they can.   


Please have your swimmers on deck and ready to warm-up in their suits and caps 20-30 minutes before the start of warm-ups. It is important that swimmers are on time so that we can get in and warm-up as a team. Being late disrupts the warm-up and it is not fair to your teammates, coaches or other teams. Immediately after warm-ups we will have a team meeting to hand out relay cards, get everyone situated, talk about any important issues and to do a team cheer. Please note that swimmers who are late or miss warm-ups without letting the coaches know ahead of time may be penalized and not allowed to swim in a relay (if we have extra swimmers). Warm-up times are posted within the meet info on the website in the swim meets section. Any updates about the meet will be sent through Team Unify.

After races, it is important that swimmers touch base with their coaches to talk about their race. Please make sure your swimmers come over after their races to find their coach. Swimmers will learn most and will improve more after discussing their races with their coaches. We will do our best to provide feedback to each swimmer. If a swimmer needs to leave early from a meet please let the coaches know ASAP. If we have to scratch a relay because a swimmer is absent and we cannot find a replacement, the missing swimmer will be responsible for the entire relay entry fee.

The coaches will bring latex team caps to the meets. All swimmers must wear a YDC United team cap while competing. Swimmers may purchase caps for $5.00. Additional caps will be billed to your Splash Fee Account. Wearing a team cap shows unity and also makes it easier for coaches, parents and teammates to identify swimmers.

If you have any questions, please contact your coach.

Our team is competitive in both Wisconsin YMCA and USA Swimming Leagues. Every swimmer on the team is expected to regularly attend meets throughout the season. Swimmers should plan to attend at least one swim meet per month for all age groups. While swimmers are participating in a high school sport, they are not expected to attend meets, but when they return from their high school season they must attend meets. It is important for swimmers to compete for the team in addition to training with the team. Our team believes that attending competitions is fun, promotes a sense of team unity, team cohesiveness and team contribution. Swimmers who have qualifying times for competitive meets such as WGLO, A+, YMCA State, USA State and National Level Meets are expected to participate in these meets. It is important for all swimmers who qualify for these meets to attend them to gain exposure to swimming in higher competition, for the overall experience and to represent your team.