YMCA memberships: Every YDC United Swim Team Member must have an active YMCA Membership while participating on swim team. There are a number of YMCA Membership options available. Please see the YMCA of Dane County Membership Rates for more information about prices.

YMCA Memberships are automatically bank drafted from your bank account each month. When you take out your Membership you will need to provide your financial information. You can change your YMCA Membership at anytime (example you can upgrade from a Youth to a Family Membership).

Your YMCA Membership is good at all of the Dane County YMCA branches. Your membership may be used for member services and program registration at member rates. A membership card is issued to every member 8 years and older. Membership ID Cards are required for admittance to each facility. Parents who do not have a membership must show ID when entering the YMCA to pick up their children.

Registration Fee: Each Swim Team member is required to pay a $68 swim team registration fee. This fee goes towards swim meet expenses such and travel and lodging for coaches.

USA Swimming MembershipYDC United competes at both YMCA and USA Swim Meets during the season. There are more USA Meets offered during the season in the Madison Area and State throughout the season. USA Swimming offers meets for all ages and abilities. At the end of the winter season there are two USA State Meets; 12 & Under USA State and 13 & Over USA State. YDC Swimmers are not required to become USA Members. A USA Membership is $62.00 for ages 8 and under and  $72.00 for ages 9 and over. A child may. not swim USA meets without a USA membership, please confirm that you are signing your child up for the appropriate meet,  Current USA memberships are valid through December 2018.  USA membership deadline dates:  October 1, November 1, December 1 (for new and renewal memberships),  and January 1, 2020,these USA memberships will be valid through December 2020.

Swim Team Meet Entry Fees and Payments:  Invoices for Swim Meet Fees (Individual Entries, Relay Entries, LSC Splash Fees and Facility Usage Fees) will be created at the end of each month and sent out via email. Swim Meet Fees will be automatically charged to the account you have on file with the YMCA of Dane County. You will have 5 days after the invoice has been sent out beginning to look over your meet entry fees in case of error. Also, if you wish to use a different checking account or credit card to pay for your meet entry fees, the YMCA will accommodate you. You will need to contact Lisa McAbee at East and Becky Whiting at West with this information.  Please note: The YDC swim team will not have any of your account information  (Bank account or credit cards). The YMCA of Dane County and it's administrative professionals will be handling all monetary transactions. If by chance after you have registered for a swim meet and you are unable to attend, families are still responsible for payment of the meet fees.

Fall-Winter YDC Swim Team Practice Group Fees:  Practice Group Fees for the Fall-Winter season are broken up into monthly payments to make it easier for families to digest. The monthly fees listed below will be automatically charged to the account you have on file with the YMCA of Dane County.  Swimmers are expected to participate for the entire season. In addition to Practice Group Fees, swimmers are required to have an active YMCA Membership while participating on the swim team as noted above.




ScholarshipsThe YDC United Swim Team offers scholarships for both YMCA Memberships and Swim Team Program Fees. If you are interested in learning more about scholarships, please contact the Membership Desk for forms and information.  Participants receiving scholarships must see Robin Berg (East) or Becky Whiting (West) for registration process.