Welcome to YDC United 

We are pleased that your family will be part of YDC for the swim season! We are excited to host the 2018 YDC Winter Splash - Sunday, January 14th at Middleton High School Pool.

In addition to providing a chance for our swimmers to compete, swim meets provide a major source of revenue for our team.  Coaches' traveling expenses and equipment for the team are partially paid for by the proceeds from hosted meets. 

Our team is responsible for staffing meets with volunteer workers.  Without parent/family volunteers, we cannot host meets. YDC has a reputation for running well-organized, friendly meets and we need your help to maintain this tradition!

For our meets to run successfully, we will need approximately seventy volunteers PER MEET SESSION. 

Signing up to volunteer at meets. About 3 weeks before each meet,  you will receive an email from one of the volunteer coordinators asking to sign up on the YDC team website. Most jobs require no experience, just a willingness to help out.  For the jobs that do require some technical expertise, we will provide “on-the job” training. Many positions can fulfill a high school community service requirement, so older kids can certainly help out. Please sign up as soon as possible so we know the meet can run.  Once you sign up, you are responsible for that position; if you can’t make the meet, please find someone else to fill the slot.  If we don’t get volunteers the first time we ask, we will send additional emails until the slots are full.

How volunteering works.  A lot goes on behind the scenes at a meet!  “Set up” – which includes transport of equipment and supplies to the meet location – usually occurs the night before.  Most volunteers report about an hour before the start of the meet session starts (conveniently, about the time warm ups begin). Volunteers are needed before a session to help sell admission tickets, set up concessions, help with setting up electronic timing and scoring, and stage younger kids for their events.  During the meet volunteers time swimmers, score and post results, prepare and distribute awards, run concessions, and provide crowd control/security.  After meets, we need help with transport and cleanup, as well as award distribution. Being an official is another important job that lasts throughout the session; to be an official you have to complete training through USA Swimming.  A variety of training sessions are held throughout the year.  YDC typically picks up the costs for Official's training.  More information can be found at the Wisconsin Swimming website.  

Who can volunteer?  Adult family members, friends and older children (12 or older) can certainly volunteer- as previously stated, volunteer shifts can count toward high school community service requirements.   When you sign up, you can indicate the name of the person filling the slot. 

There really is a volunteer position  for everyone!  Most jobs just require a willingness to help and some common sense.  Please read the descriptions for Coordinator Roles and Individual Meet Volunteers pages carefully to see what appeals to you. For most positions, you should be able to leave your position during your shift to watch your swimmer(s). If you have questions about any of the volunteer positions, please contact Robin Berg at 221-1517 or [email protected] or Becky Whiting at 276-6606 or [email protected]