ADMISSIONS (2 per session)

Sells admissions and heat sheets at entrance. Responsible for cash box and making change.  Arrive ½ hour before warm-ups; should remain at position until the session ends.  Willing to greet members of other teams and answer questions, give directions, etc.     

ANNOUNCERS* (2 per session)

Reports events, heats and names of the swimmers and announces results. Makes general announcements throughout the session.  Arrive by start of warm-ups and serve until session ends. Seated throughout the session.  If you’re comfortable using a microphone and you have an engaging personality, this could be the job for you!

AWARDS (2 per session)

Affix result labels to awards and distribute to swimmers.  Plan to stay after the  conclusion of each session to distribute and file awards.  Volunteers are usually seated.  This job requires patience and an ability to interact well with children.

HEAD CLERK OF COURSE  (1 per 8&U session)

The Head Clerk of Course should have prior experience as Clerk of Course, and be comfortable organizing, delegating, and problem-solving with other volunteers.  They should arrive at least ½ hour prior to the start of the meet to make sure the Clerk of Course area is set up.

CLERK OF COURSE ASSISTANTS (7-8 per 8&U session)

Organize our 8 and under swimmers by event, heat and lane and escort the swimmers into the pool area. If you are enthusiastic and organized, this is a good job for you.  Walking from the staging area to the pool  throughout the entire shift is required.


Concession volunteers sell food and drink and keep the concessions area sanitary. You will be able to break away to watch your child swim.  AM Session Concession help set up the area and PM Session workers help clean up the concession area at closing time.

CONCESSIONS SET-UP (3-4 per session)

Concession set up occurs the morning of the meet.  You will need to be prepared at least 2 hours before the meet start time to haul heavy items.  Answers to Concessions Coordinators.


Oversees electronic timing system operation during meet.  Trains assistants.  This position requires a good understanding of the timing system and good problem solving/troubleshooting skills.


Operates the timing system that records the times from the automatic touchpads, and feeds the results to the computer scoring system.  Must arrive ½ hour before the start of the session and stay until the last event of the session.  Volunteers will be seated but will not have much opportunity for breaks during the session.  Training provided. This position offers an outstanding view of the pool.

HEAT WINNERS* (2 per session)

Stand behind the blocks and give designated prize or candy to heat winners.  Must arrive by the first heat and stay through the entire session.


For our longer meets, YDC provides breakfast and lunch for our hard-working coaches, guest coaches and officials. We may ask families to bring in food or supplies.  Bringing in a food donation can help offset your volunteer shift  but will likely represent a time or financial commitment for preparing food.


Arrange and distribute food and drinks for coaches and officials.  Responsible for setup and cleanup.  Must be willing to stand and move sometimes heavy items.  Volunteers also deliver beverages to officials, coaches and timers on deck throughout the session.  (depending on meet, this position may be combined with concessions)

MEET CLEAN-UP (1 to 2 per session)

Help remind swimmers and guests to pick up after themselves, and to stay after the meet until the pool deck is cleaned up and assist in cleaning up in concessions area, the stands and in the rest area.

OFFICIALS* (8 -10 per session)

Becoming an official is a great way to support the team . Our officials are certified by USA Swimming and/or the YMCA.  If you are interested in becoming an official, talk to Mike Hanson or Mike Rudie.  Several training sessions are held each year for Stroke and Turn Judges.  Additional information can be found at:  Click on the “Officials” tab to find a schedule of upcoming training sessions.

RESULTS RUNNER* (1 per session)

Receive results from the scorers and post them  in designated locations.  They also take result labels to Awards.  Must be willing to stay at least ½ hour after conclusion of session so that all results can be posted.  

ROOM/SAFETY MONITOR (2-3 positions)

Help to ensure a safe environment in the stands/ pool area and swimmers’ waiting area.  Help to identify and eliminate safety issues in a supportive, friendly manner.

RUNNERS* (2 per session)

At the finish of a swim the runner picks up   timers and officials slips, then "runs" them over to the scorer.  This position requires the volunteer to be on their feet during the entire session,  navigating a crowded swim deck.

HEAD SCORER* (1 position)

Head Scorer must be familiar with the rules and procedures for scoring a swim meet.  The HS verifies the official times from the electronic timing system, time sheets and officials results.  The HS prints results and distributes them.

SCORING ASSISTANTS* (2 per session)

Scoring Assistants verify finish order with timers sheets and officials notes, double check numbers, average the times provided by the timers, and as needed, record times and other tasks assigned by the Head Scorer. Training provided

HEAD TIMER* (1 position)

Head Timer organizes timers, trains new timers and maintains backup stop watches during the meet. Head Timer must arrive 40 minutes before the start of the session, check that all equipment is available and working , and lead the timer's meeting.

TIMERS* (18 per session, depending on number of lanes in the pool )

Two timers are assigned to each lane. The timers start a stopwatch at the start of the heat and stop the watch when the swimmer touches the finish pad.  Timers then record the time on sheets provided for their lane.   The head timer will provide specific instructions. Timers meet approximately 20 to 30 minutes before the session begins.  They are on their feet for the entire shift and should expect to get splashed occasionally!  Timers have a great view of the pool and swimmers, but may not be able to watch their own swimmer’s race. We typically ask for 2 additional timers to serve as “back-up” timers.


Meet at West YMCA to help transport materials and bring them into the pool areas to begin set up the night before the meet or the morning of the meet. Must have appropriate vehicle for transporting supplies and be able and willing to haul heavy items. We will email more details as the date approaches. 


Report 30 min. before meet concludes to begin clean-up and loading vehicles. Transport concessions and other team materials back to YMCA (West). Must have appropriate vehicle for transporting items and be willing to carry heavy things.


Report 5-10 minutes before warm-ups and help volunteer coordinators check in volunteers as they arrive for their shifts.  Once check-in is completed, this person may be asked to fill in for any shifts that may need additional help.  Plan to work in some capacity for the entire shift that you are signed up for.


*These jobs take place in the pool area and usually offer excellent viewing. However, this area can be noisy and hot- dress accordingly!  Workers in positions behind the blocks should expect to get splashed.