Age Groupers Holiday Fun Gift Exchange

Mark Gwidt
Dec 4, 2018


> You are all invited to participate in a Secret Santa Gift Exchange.
> We are asking that the gifts be gender neutral and no more than $10.00.
> Please also bring a dozen cookies to share. Milk and Juice will be
> provided.
> The gift exchange and holiday snacks will take place after practice.

> HO HO HO..

> Oz Athletes/Parents

> Thursday Dec 20th at Homestead HS we will be having our Secret Santa Gift Exchange and Holiday fun Party.

 All Groups  7"s, Bronze , Silver, Gold and Jrs will Start Practice at
 5:30pm. We will break into groups and warmup a little . We will then have
 stations for some "Reindeer games" with age/ability groups. We will clear
 the pool between 6:30-6:45 for Cookies and Gift Exchanges. Practice will
 end by 7:15pm .

 Please remember the gift should be gender neutral and under 10$.