Locker Room Behavior At HHS

Mark Gwidt
Dec 4, 2018

 Oz athletes/parents.

This seems to be a repeattive email but it must be sent out again

It has been brought to my attention thru the evening cleaning crew at homestead as well as a directive from the MTSD district office to please do a better job of keeping the locker rooms clean. There have been issues with behavior, cleanliness and the after practice 15 min rule after your groups are done .

We do our best to walk thru the locker rooms every evening and we do clean up after many kids daily and police improper behavior . However, the complaints have gone to a higher authority and we must do a better job .

Parents please engage in a dialogue with you athletes about proper locker room etiquette. Let them know to report to a coach/parent  if they see improper behavior. Let them know the garabage cans are available, not the floor. Parents waiting, it is ok to walk thru the locker rooms and check on your kids or others as we coach on deck. Otherwise, we will start assigning locker room monitors during practices.

I do apologize for the  tone of the email but if it does not change locker rooms will not be available to athletes. And that is not acceptable.

 Thanks for your help in this matter:)

Coach Mark