Volunteer Policy

Steve Keller

With the current membership growing at a steady rate, we have decided to amend our volunteer policy to add meets and opportunities for all members.  All members are required to help out at our hosted meets, regardless of whether or not your swimmer will be participating.

The changes are:

1.  For the our current session, members are required to volunteer 2 sessions at our club hosted meets.  Those meets include both of our meets, the Big 8 Meet at Cedarburg, and the Regional Championships at Homestead.  

2.  We will not be offering a concession option, instead there will be a buyout option, $30 for one session, and then an additional $70 for the second, for a total of $100 for the meet.  Buyouts will be billed to any member not fulfilling their volunteer obligation by the end of February.

3.  We have added 2 swim meets in the summer, and will be including them into our volunteer policy.

We understand that we all have busy schedules and it is difficult to find time to volunteer.  The meets we host, are very important to our club.  Other than our Swim-a-Long, we do not require any other fundraising.  Funds collected cover rental costs and equipment purchases for all 5 pools our club runs out of.

Thank you for your continued support of Ozaukee Aquatics.