Suits & Accessories

RFSC has a store to place orders for practice suits & accessories. RFSC gets a percentage of each order placed! Be sure to go through this link. NO ORDER DEADLINES!

Once signed in, you should be able to browse to other areas of the site and purchase additional products with RFSC still getting a percentage back.

Your everyday shopping can passively support RFSC! Just indicate RFSC as your charity of choice and make sure your shop through the AmazonSmile link. It will show "River Falls Swim Club Inc" right under the search bar. 

River Falls Swim Club on AmazonSmile

Team Apparel on Hand

We have a small selection of grab bag suits on hand in the office. We also have:

     NEW team caps ($4)

 NEW team hats ($20)

Goggles ($15)


 Vintage team shirt ($3)