River Falls High School Aquatics Center
818 Cemetery Rd, River Falls, WI 54022

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River Falls Swim Club
PO BOX #271
River Falls, WI 54022


Head Coach: Michael Brudzinski
     Email: HeadCoach@RiverFallsSwimClub.org

Team Admin: Brenda K. Derks
     Email: Admin@RiverFallsSwimClub.org
     Phone: 715-559-7680

Training Groups

For more details on each group, go to our "Practice " tab.

  • Developmental: Coaches would like to see this group 3 times a week.
  • Novice: Coaches would like to see this group 3-4 times a week. 
  • Age Group: Coaches would like to see this group 3-4 times a week.​
  • Pre-Senior: Coaches would like to see this group 4-5 times a week.​
  • Senior: Coaches would like to see this group 4-5 times a week.​

**A two week trial is available for new swimmers only.

**Each swimmer is required to have USA Swimming membership. This is an additional yearly ~$68 fee (~$38 in spring/summer).

Swim Sessions

We swim year round with different sessions available.

  • Fall Session: Mid September-Mid December
  • Winter Session: Mid December-Mid March
  • Spring/Summer: Mid April-End July

Team Structure

The RFSC program is separated into training groups providing individualized training for competitive swimmers four years of age and older who have been recommended for placement by a coach during the Registration process. Each group is designed to benefit swimmers who are grouped together by age, ability, competitive experience level, and training commitment. The frequency, duration, training level, and intensity of practices define each group.

Swimmer Advancement Criteria

Placement and advancement of each swimmer is based on the age and ability of the individual swimmer and is the responsibility of the Coaching Staff. The Coaching Staff moves swimmers through the groups based on commitment, consistency in practice effort, technique, attitude, and attendance when it is in the best interest of a swimmer.


The River Falls Swim Club is a non-profit, member-supported club providing educational, recreational, and competitive swimming opportunities for school-aged children. Our coaches are experienced, USA Swimming-certified, and enthusiastic about getting kids excited to swim.