Recommended Personal Goals for Swimmers New to Swim Meets:

  1. Have fun!
  2. Swim a few events legally without DQs (disqualifications). This is not so easy!
  3. Keep working established events while improving or trying new turns and starts.
  4. Keep trying different strokes and distances to establish times in a variety of events.
  5. Try to get (1) or more “C” times. It is possible to get, for instance, “C” and “B” times in backstroke and freestyle; but hang out in the “pre-C” time ranges for the other strokes for quite a while.
Be patient and non-judgmental. As a coach, I have watched many kids swim for years without huge gains in speed......then see it come together and they really shine. Of course, the opposite happens too. Some kids have a great advantage because they are taller or bigger than most of the peers at young ages....then by 13-14, other kids have caught up to them. So, repress the urge to think you have a “faster” or “slower” kid than someone else. Lots of things happen over time. :) The best thing is for the kids to feel good about the new skills they are acquiring, feel awesome about the work they are dedicating themselves to (!), enjoy their peers, and really take delight in their personal improvements. Speed is totally relative.

What should we bring?

  • your team suit
  • goggles and backup goggles
  • two towels
  • comfortable sweatshirt/pants
  • shoes for a wet pool deck
  • water or sport drink and healthy snacks: fruit, bagels, etc. (not candy, please)
  • card games or a book
  • team spirit
The deck can be crowded, so only plan to bring your towel and water on deck; the rest can stay with a parent or in the locker room. Also, if you are going to be at the pool all day, it can be a good idea to bring a blanket or sleeping bag to spread out in an open area outside of the pool area as a place to hang out between events.

What should my child eat?

Healthy choices matter! Please be sensible, and refrain from candy or other nutritionally challenged foods until after you finish swimming.

Is there a fee to watch my child swim?

Usually, there are no entry fees to the pool, but there IS a fee for the Meet Program. You should buy a program or share w/ someone you know. The meet program will list all swimmers in their events, exact heat and lane......and estimated time they might swim (hour and minute). USA Swimming is organized! Entries always are seeded slowest to fastest within an event. 

Please note: If kids are new or don't have established times in Short Course (SC) yards for the October - March seasons or Long Course (LC) meters yet, they will be considered as No Times = NT. The NTs always get seeded first. After NT, the progression of speed and classification goes to “C” times, then “B,” “A,” “Champ,” and “Zone.”

Can we find results during the meet?

The final meet results are always broken out (and posted on a wall while the meet goes on) by Event, Gender, Age, and Classification. By Classification, I am referring to how swimmers enter each event. With an NT, a “C” time, “B” time, etc in a particular event.