RFSC Important Update

Brenda Derks
Feb 9, 2019

Good Morning Team! 

I wanted to give you an update on a few things. First, we have secured the Hudson Middle School Pool for our MACs meet on February 23/24. We are still working out a few details. I will keep you posted as things get ironed out. I do know we will be moving morning warm-ups to 8am and meet start to 9am.

VOLUNTEERING: I know the changes we have had are impacting some of you significantly. We apologize for this. But, volunteering hours for the session still need to be met during this meet. I am opening up the volunteering again. If this impacts your ability to volunteer, please adjust it ASAP. Each family is required to volunteer 2 points during this meet to complete their requirement. The only exception is that families with only a developmental swimmer are not required to volunteer. As a reminder, you can work more shifts to complete the spring/summer session requirement.

SWIMMING: For those who participated in the OMNI meet last night, results should be available after the second half of their meet is complete on Sunday. I will get them loaded ASAP for you to get your final entries in. Entries close on Monday night. We do not have many entries right now - get them in! We will create a couple relay teams as well. 

ANNUAL TEAM MEETING: We have had to change it again! Doing it on Tuesday will not work now that we are down in Ellsworth. We will not meet on Sunday, February 17 at 6:30pm at Juniors in one of their banquet rooms. A few of us are planning on ordering dinner while there, so feel free to do the same as a thank you to Juniors for accommodating us. 

Stay tuned for more updates. Here's to some better weather so we can actually practice!

Brenda K. Derks

River Falls Swim Club Admin