April 19, 2019 News

Brenda Derks
Apr 19, 2019

Welcome to week one with RFSC! We hope things are going well.  The first few days have been busy at the pool. Everyone is adjusting to the new season nicely though! This newsletter is a bit long, but contains a lot of important info. Please take the time to read it over.


I will send news each week, usually on Friday (give or take a day depending on how crazy life gets!) It will always be on our website under the "News" tab. News over a month old can be found in the "archives".


  • May 13-24: KJP will be taking down the dome during these two weeks. We are looking into other locations to hold practice - Likely the Hudson YMCA. There will likely be time changes as well. We will keep you posted. Who is beyond ready to have our pool back and, hopefully, in great working order?!


Several parents have a carpool system set up. They usually meet at the RFHS for pick-up/drop-off. If you are interested in being connected to the group, please send me an email with your: preferred email, phone number, your swimmer & their group. A Google Sheet is used to coordinate.


The website has a wealth of information. Please log in to your account and look around! Dates of swim meets, practice times, special events, etc are all there. I do my best to keep the site as current as possible. Also, you can update certain pieces of information on your own, like if you would like to add a cell phone for "SMS Messages" for the occassional text we send to communicate critical information on short notice. Also, you can change, add, update emails. On the swimmer's page, you can add an email for them if they would like to receive the news, etc directly.


For swim meets, we need EVERYONE to declare if you are coming or if you are NOT coming. If you would like coach to pick events for your swimmer, you can indicate that in the notes on the declaration page. Please read over all meet details on the meet page as well as the information attached to the meet page  under "Forms/Documents". This answers most questions people have. Here is a link to swim meet 101 on our website.


Be sure you have a credit card or ACH saved to your account on the website. This is necessary. We have a monthly billing on the 1st of each month. If there is anything due, you will be notified a couple days before the billing (although you can look at your account charges any time you are logged into online) and your payment will be automatically charged. All accounts must remain current or the swimmer will not be able to enter future meets.


Bring a water bottle! It is very important to stay hydrated during practice. NO glass bottles are allowed on deck (even the ones with the rubber sleeve on them.)


Put your name on EVERYTHING! Things very frequently get left behind. It helps to make it back to its owner if names are on things. We do not go through lockers rooms at the end of the night, so make sure your swimmer has everything before you leave the building.


If you have a question or concern about your swimmer or otherwise, please talk to Team Admin Brenda or our Head Coach Michael. One or both of us will be at every practice. You can also email us at Admin@RiverFallsSwimClub.org & HeadCoach@RiverFallsSwimClub.org.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or feedback, please let me know!

Thank you!

Brenda K. Derks

River Falls Swim Club Admin