October 3-10

Coach Michael Brudzinski

This is your River Falls Swim News for the week of October 3-10

THIS WEEK (October 3-10):

Great Job last week to everyone who participated in the Mock Meet! It was a ton of fun to see everyone get up and race, and see all of the hard work you have put in start to pay off!

Entries closed for the OMNI invite this week, all swimmers who entered into the meet are attached in the PDF. Coaches for the OMNI meet next weekend will be Anika and Emily. I am unfortunately at drill in Milwaukee, so will miss our first competition of the year, but Emily and Anika mean your swimmers are in good hands!

Thank you to everyone who has helped at the RFHS swim meets this year! You have all done extremely well, and your support is greatly appreciated. We have one more RFHS home meet of the year that we will need help with coming up on October 19th.

NEXT WEEK (October 11-17):

OMNI Invite is on Sunday October 17th. I expect to have a timeline and general meet information on Monday or Tuesday, and will email out to families then.  


Friday October 29th: RWSC Open Invite, Twin Bluffs Middle School in Red Wing MN. 1 day, 1 session meet. Meet Information is input and you can select your events.  

Sunday November 7th: STORM Open Invite, Prior Lake MN. 1 day, 2 session meet. Meet Information and event selection are up on the team website.

Saturday-Sunday November 20-21st: RFSC Autumn Dash Invite. 2 day, 4 session meet. Volunteering needed, two blocks of volunteering required per family. Full Sign-up open, perfect opportunity to compete at our home pool with some great competition in attendance.


OFFICIATING: RFSC is in need of adding more officials! You don’t need to have any experience or knowledge of the sport, they will teach you everything you need to know. The process is easy, you attend an online training, conduct shadowing at swim meets with established officials, and then pass a written test. Officiating counts as your team volunteering requirements for the year, and helps RFSC to be able to continue to host home swim meets! The club needs 8-10 officials to host a swim meet on its own, we currently have 5. Please consider helping out the club and your swimmers by becoming an official! You can register for the training online by selecting the links below, please communicate to Coach Michael that you are going to become an official as well so he can do the necessary paperwork on the back end. Upcoming online training for officials from Minnesota Swimming:


Deck Referee 101- October 11th, 7pm Sign Up HERE

Starter 101- October 13th, 7pm Sign Up HERE

Stroke & Turn 201- October 18th, 7:30pm Sign Up HERE

Admin 201- October 26th, 7pm Sign up HERE

TEAM SUIT ORDERING: Link to order/purchase your suits: https://zoneswimwear.com/collections/river-falls-swim-club


-Email Coach Michael if you want to set up a time to try the sizing kit in the pool office to verify you get the right size. Girls suits, the thick strap version and thin strap version fit and size differently, we only have the thick strap version of the suit as part of the sizing kit. If you decide you are going to order the thin strap suit, you will want to go one size larger than the suit you try on in the sizing kit.

-Swim suit purchases are a direct sale between the families and the vendor, they will ship the suits straight to your house after purchase. If there are issues with sizing, there is nothing that RFSC can do to assist you, you must reach out directly to the vendor to work on corrections.