River Falls Swim Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages. It is our goal to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities. Each session consists of 13-16 weeks of training.


Our practices are Monday - Friday evenings (or mornings during the summer). Participate in as many practices as fit your family’s schedule, and when you are ready, as many meets as fit your ability and schedule. Please see our Calendar for more practice time details. 
Developmental Group
This group is for new and inexperienced swimmers who are not quite ready for full lengths of the pool training and need to work on the basics of competitive swimming and getting stronger in the water. Swimmers in this group do primarily 10-15 yard swims during practice while focusing on learning the strokes and building comfort in the water. Practices are 45 minutes long 3 days a week. 
Novice Group
The Novice group is for our new and inexperienced swimmers. This group is where most of our swimmers start, and may spend 3-5 sessions in this group. Swimmers should be able to swim the length of the pool on their own unassisted as coaches are not in-water. Practices are one hour each. Our goal in this group is to focus on the basics of each stroke while maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all swimmers. Swimmers in this group do primarily 25’s and 50’s during practice and less than 1000 yards in a total practice. We would like to see novice swimmers 3-4 times a week.
Age Group
This group is for our athletes who are more experienced swimmers but still need to focus primarily on stroke development and learning the fundamentals of each stroke, as well as starts and turns. Age Group is often our biggest group and also has the biggest range in skills for those in the group. Swimmers may spend 4-8 sessions in this group. Practices are 75minutes each. This group is the bridge between stroke development and detailed workouts, swimmers in this group primarily do 50’s and 100’s during practice and average 1400-1700 yards in a total practice. We would like to see age group swimmers 3-4 times a week.
Pre-Senior Group
Pre-Senior is for those athletes that are ready to handle an increased level of intensity in a practice, but who are still focused on stroke development. This group is the bridge between fully focused stroke development and intense competitive practices. This group practices for one and a half hours each practice. Part of the time is spent on stroke development, and the remainder is on more detailed workouts to build their strength and endurance. Swimmers may spend 4-8 sessions in this group. This group varies in workout distance and intensity between 2500-4000 yards. We would like to see pre-senior swimmers 4-5 times a week.
Senior Group
The Senior group is the most challenging group and is for our most experienced swimmers. This group is designed to focus on the competitive aspect of the sport and to build overall fitness and competitive edge. This group has a two hour practice that averages between 4500-6500 yards. We would like to see senior swimmers 4-5 times a week.


Fall Session
Mid September to Early December; Practice held in the evening
Winter Session 
Early December to mid March; Practice held in the evening 
Full Spring/Summer Session
Early April through July;  Practice held after school and when school is out for the summer, in the morning
Spring Only Session
Early April through early June ;   Practice held after school
Summer Only Session
Late May through July ;   Practice held in the morning