RFSC Offers Swim Lessons!

Our Developmental swim groups are for beginning swimmers; ages 4 and up. Coaches are in-water with the swimmers with a 4-to-1 ratio or less.
We offer 4 week sessions with practice 3 days a week for 45 minutes each practice. Our sessions are offered year-round. Fees are paid per session. As members of USA Swimming, we also require the annual membership fee for every swimmer. 
We ask that all interested in joining our team come in for a quick swim evaluation to be sure they are ready for our lessons as well as get placed in the correct level for their swim ability.

Developmental 3

This group is for our very beginning swimmers.The swimmer must be able to get into the water on their own, be comfortable putting their face in the water, and be able to float independently on their front and back alone for 5 seconds.
Swimmers will work primarily in the shallow end of the pool and swim 10-15 yards to work on skills. Some skills swimmers in D3 will work on are kicking independently while on their front & their back, jumping into the deep end, basic freestyle & backstroke techniques, summersaults in the water to prepare for flip turns, and proper push-off techniques.  

Developmental 2

Swimmers will work primarily in the shallow end of the pool, but will start working in the deep end as well to build the ability to swim 10-25 yards. Some of the skills worked on in this level include developing the freestyle & backstroke more through drills, working on streamline push offs, jumping & diving from the side of the pool, flip-turns, etc.

Developmental 1

This is our final swim lesson level before advancing into our Novice group on the team. 
Swimmers will work on swimming the full length of the pool to develop a controlled and sustained freestyle as well as backstroke. The mechanics of breaststroke & butterfly will be introduced. Dives, open turns, flip turns, and understanding the pace clock will also be worked on. 

What Next?

Swimmers will receive a report card at the end of each 4 weeks indicating skills they have achieved, what they need to work on, and what group to register for next. Once the swimmer completes Developmental 1, they are ready to move to our novice group. This group has practices available four times a week for an hour each. 



Session information is posted on our "Pricing & Times" tab. 

Please contact Brenda at Admin@RiverFallsSwimClub.org with questions or to set up an evaluation.