Q: What are the start and end dates of the current/upcoming season?
A: Fall 2022 begins on Tuesday, September 6th and ends on November 19th. Winter 2022/2023 begins November 26th and ends March 4th.

Q: My swimmer spends time in multiple households. How can we make sure that both households receive communications about upcoming events, meetings, etc.
A: Each swimmer can be tied to only one account/login on our website. The parent that owns the account is responsible for registering the swimmer each season, declaring for meets, and signing up for the required amount of volunteer hours (though it may be any family member who fulfills the volunteer commitment). This parent is also responsible for the payment of season dues, meet fees, the USA Swimming Registration fee, and any other account-related fees. Because of this, both households will not receive an account/login.

One account can have multiple email addresses. The account-owning parent can edit their profile to include as many email addresses as they like, and any general announcements will be sent to all emails on file. The non-account-owning email addresses will not receive any billing summaries, invoice notices, or other finance-related communications.

Q: How do I pay for swim meets?
A: Swim meet fees vary from meet to meet, and are listed on the documents attached to each meet event. Relay events are paid for by STAR. On the first of each month, STAR will bill swimmers' accounts for the previous month's meet fees, using the debit or credit card that we have on file.

Q: My swimmer is not swimming in the fall/winter season home meet. Do I need to volunteer at the meet?
A: Yes. Each meet requires more than 50 volunteers to run smoothly, from concessions to timers, announcers to meet marshals, each person is critical to a successful meet. If you are unable to volunteer for any reason, you must notify the board at least two weeks prior to the meet. Notification of the board does not exempt you from the volunteer requirement.

Q: I would like to use the OnDeck Parent App. What is the Username, Password, and Team Alias that I should use to sign in?
A: Your Username and Password are the same email address and password that you use to sign into the STAR website. The Team Alias is wisar. 

Q: When viewing my swimmer's times under My Account -- My Meet Results, is there a way to see their swim times for a relay that they participated in?
A: Yes. Simply click on the name of the meet that they swam in (the far, right-hand column on the screen). This will take you to the results of all events at that meet. Locate the relay event and click on the Final time. You will be able to see the splits of each leg of the relay.

Q: How does a swimmer make the state swimming meets?                                                                          
A: Your child can attend state if he or she makes a state qualifying time, these times are available on many heat sheets at meets or by going to the Wisconsin Swimming website and looking at the LSC info tab and then to times standards.  The qualifying times are given in age groups, by sex and in all three pool formats, Yards (25 yard pool), Short Course meters (25 meter pool) and Long course meters (50 meter pool).  When STAR attends a state meet we try to have relays. If less than four participants have qualifying times and your swimmer has the next fastest time in an event needed for a relay, your child may be asked to attend so we can field a relay and represent STAR.  This can only happen to swimmers 14 and under, swimmers over 15 must have all four swimmers with state qualifying times.