Apparel & Swim Gear is our online vendor for some one off custom apparel and general equipment. Utilize the link below to view options for suggested equipment.

All swimmers are required to have skin-tight training suits, goggles, and swim caps (long-haired swimmers). Please see below for highly recommended equipment the coaching staff would also like swimmers to have.

You may order custom apparel and special items at any time through this website.

There is no order deadline for

10% of all sales are returned to the Club.

Please do not order team suits from


Finis Snorkel (11/12 & Up) or Finis Jr. Snorkel (11/10&Under) w/ Noseplug


Image result for finis snorkel

Long Fins

(A limited quantity of long fins are also available at the pool)

Tritan Swim Fins



STAR Team Suit 

STAR Families can order the STAR Team suit from SwimOutlet.  A team suit is not required though. Links to the suits ordering pages are provided below.  The suits can also be found in the "General Gear" on the STAR Team Store on SwimOutlet. For the Woman/Girls, please choose the Black/Purple. For the Men's, please choose the Black.

Women: TYR Woman's Hexa Diamondfit One Piece Swimsuit

-Sizes 26 and above

TYR Hexa Diamondfit One Piece Swimsuit

Girls: TYR Girls Hexa Diamondfit One Piece Suit:

-Sizes 22 and 24 

TYR Girls Hexa Diamondfit One Piece Swimsuit

Sizing Guide for Women's Suit:

Men: TYR Men's Hexa Jammer Swimsuit:


TYR Men's Hexa Jammer Swimsuit

Sizing Guide for Men's Suit: