2022 Fall/Winter Season Information


Important Dates

Registration will begin soon. 

The Fall Session begins September 6th and ends Novemnber 19th

The Winter Session begins November 28th and ends in March. 


New Swimmer Evaluation

New swimmer evaluations are required for all new swimmers. Each evaluation will take 5-15 minutes to complete. Click here for more information.



Practice Groups/Times

Find more information on practice groups, click here.

More information coming soon about practice times for each group. 


Group Fees

More information coming soon about fees for each group. 



No STAR swimmer will be turned away for reason of financial hardship. Partial or full sponsorships covering registration dues may be available if your swimmer receives reduced or free lunches in school. Financial assistance with USA Swimming Membership fees and some meet fees (e.g., home, states) may also be available. Please contact the registrar and consult the policy regarding STAR sponsorships to see if your swimmer is eligible.

Multi-Swimmer Discount

If you have two swimmers in your family you will receive a 5% discount on membership fees. If you have three or more swimmers in your family you will receive a 10% discount.



Families are required to save debit or credit card information on our secure website to facilitate payment of invoiced amounts.

Families have the option to choose to pay a season up front, or in two installments. The second installment will be billed to the family on the first of the month midway through that season. Families that pay, in full, for two consecutive seasons upon registration will receive a 5% discount.

All invoices are due and automatically charged to the card on file on the 1st of each consecutive month. The exception to this is registration -- if an account has an outstanding balance when a swimmer registers (for example, for meet fees), that outstanding balance is due upon registration instead of waiting for the 1st of the upcoming month.

Should a payment fail for any reason, an automated email will be sent, letting the account-holder know about the failed payment. We ask that upon receipt of this email, an account-holder log into the website, update their payment information, and email the STAR treasurer so that the payment may be re-processed.