JANUARY 24TH, 2021

We are excited to announce that SPDY will be hosting an intrasquad meet on Sunday, January 24th!  The intrasquad meet will be split into two sessions based on practice groups.  Session 1 will include D1, D2 & Junior swimmers.  Session 2 will include Junior Elite, Senior & Senior Elite Swimmers.  We may need to adjust some swimmers in the Junior groups depending on the number of swimmers that choose to participate.  As of right now we are planning on starting the first session of swimmers at 8:00am.  Once registration is closed a timeline for the day will be sent out.

All swimmers will swim the same events based on what session they have been assigned.  All events are being swam as mixed events (girls & boys in the same event).  The event lineup is as follows…


Session Practice Group Age Group Events

Session 1

D1, D2 & Junior 8 & Under

Event 1 - 25 Yard Free

Event 3 - 50 Yard Free

Event 5 - 25 Yard Back

Session 1 D1, D2 & Junior 9 & Up

Event 2 - 50 Yard Back

Event 4 - 50 Yard Free

Event 6 - 50 Yard Breast

Session 2

Junior Elite, Senior &

Senior Elite


Event 7 - 100 Yard IM

Event 8 - 200 Yard Free

Event 9 - 50 Yard Free


You can register for the swim meet on the SPDY swimming website.  It will be incredibly important that all who participate in the swim meet follow the developed policies.  Anyone who does not follow the swim meet policies will be asked to leave the facility.


Thank You all for your support to SPDY Swimming & stay safe!  If you have any questions about feel free to reach out to Head Coach Eric Demrow at [email protected] or Meet Director Adam Meshak at [email protected].

Intrasquad Meet Documents


COVID19 Screenings - Must be completed the day of the meet, but at least 30 minutes prior to arrival.

Meet Setup Documents - These are instructions for setting up different areas of the YMCA.