SPDY Return to Practice Plan

Eric Demrow

SPDY Re-Opening Phase 1

Building Safety Measures:

  1. No parents/guardians/spectators will be allowed in the program area. If they are members and wish to utilize any of the areas open to them, they may.
    1. There is NO lobby area. Parents/guardians/rides home must wait in their vehicle until the practice is over.
    2. Swimmers must not be dropped off any earlier than 10 minutes before their scheduled time and picked up no later than 10 minutes after their practice. Special arrangements can be made by contacting Coach Eric.
    3. If a swimmer is habitually not picked up within the time frame provided, they will not be able to participate at this time. No refund will be provided.  
  2. The use of locker rooms for showering/changing is prohibited. If a swimmer needs to use the restroom, they will be allowed one at a time.
  3. ALL swimmers are to wear a mask at all times when inside the facility, except for when in the pool. No mask, No swim.
  4. All participants should be aware of the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Temperature checks should be done at home.
    1. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher should NOT attend.
    2. If a swimmer feels ill in any way, they should stay home.

Swimming Safely:

  1. Swimmers should utilize the hand sanitation station upon entering the building.
  2. Designated spots will be marked off on the pool deck to ensure social distancing before workouts.
  3. There will be NO shared equipment (kickboards/pull buoys/fins/ etc.). Swimmers should bring their own from home if they have it.
  4. Swimmers should bring a full water bottle with them to practice. Coaches will not be providing refills. No sharing of water bottles, period.
  5. We will run two swimmers max in each lane. Swimmers will start from opposite ends of the pool to ensure social distancing.
  6. When taking a break in the water, 6 feet of separation should be maintained at all times.
  7. There should be no physical contact with others. (No high fives, fist bumps or handshakes).
  8. Coaches will have a mask at all times. If in close proximity to swimmers, the coach should be wearing his/her mask.
  9. Upon leaving practice, swimmers should follow the route outlined in pool diagram to avoid crossing paths with swimmers for the next group.
  10. There can be no congregating after practice.
  11. Practices will be one hour in length for each group. We will run two groups in the morning beginning at 7:00 AM and two groups in the afternoon beginning at 4:00 PM. A 15 minute gap will be in place between groups to avoid contact between practices.