SPDY Fall Team Apparel Order

Pam Swetz

Hello NEW SPDY families & RETURNING SPDY families,

We are happy to be offering a Fall SPDY apparel/accessories opportunity through MADA. Please refer to the link (also on our SPDY website) featuring new items!

The deadline for ordering is Sunday, November 21, 2021 (11:59 pm CST).  MADA has assured us that orders will arrive in time for Christmas.  If you are wanting to order items and keep them a surprise for gifts, please let Michelle Kort or myself know and we will be sure to make that possible.

As a reminder, if you registered your child by October 15, 2021 for swim team, your swimmer will be receiving a Team Shirt.  This shirt is available to be purchased on the MADA apparel order as well.  It is the very first blue t-shirt.  



Thank you for your support of SPDY!


Pam Swetz, Special Events Coordinator

Michelle Kort, Special Events Coordinator