How to Join the Sun Prairie Storm Swim Team

Step 1: The Evaluation Process.

Evaluations are set for March 11th.  You can pick a time slot here.   The evaluation will take ~15 minutes and will look at stroke technique, starts, and turns.  Keep in mind that not everything on the list is required for each age group, but it’s best to get a complete picture of a swimmer’s ability.  Evaluations take place at Sun Prairie High School.  Your swimmer will need a swimsuit, goggles, and towel.  If you can't make the 11th work, Email Coach Katlin for an evaluation. 

When this team began in 2013, we started a trend of growth that has continued year to year.  We’ve worked hard to make the team inclusive to as many swimmers as possible, but starting this year we will NOT have enough space for all interested swimmers.

If a swimmer does have the necessary skills to fit into a group, he/she will be assessed as part of the larger group of applicants.  Following the last evaluation, the coaching staff will meet to assess all the eligible swimmers.  We’ll factor in their technique, how coachable they were, how they’ve been on previous teams (if applicable), and what each family brings to Storm.  This isn’t a simple “If your swimmer is fast, they’ll be on the team.”  We value a family that will elevate Sun Prairie Storm as a community program over fast swimming any day.

All families will be notified whether or not their swimmer has a spot on the team and when the registration window will be open. 

The goal of this process isn’t to discourage swimmers from joining the sport of swimming. If your swimmer would like to try again in November, they’re more than welcome to. While we’re limited on available spots now, we’re doing everything we can as a program to find more water and more time to allow the team to grow to fit the needs of a growing community.

Following the evaluation, the coach will give you a copy of the evaluation along with the group placement for your swimmer.

·         If they aren’t ready for the team yet, we would be happy to recommend programs that would be the most beneficial to your swimmer.

·         If you haven’t already seen minimum requirements for each group, you can find them here.

Step 2: Review practice dates, locations, & prices.

Prices and dates for each session vary.  The current session information (including fees and practice schedules) is on the back of the evaluation card you receive the day of, but you can find practice times here.  Fees can be found on the season session tab.

Step 3: Register your swimmer for the team.

If the registration window is open, you can find it in two different places: 1) on the page where you saw the detailed prices and 2) on the left tab, under “System”, a button that says “Start Registration,” Here you’ll go through all the steps of joining the team.  If the registration window is not open, you can ask Coach Katlin about the next time to register.  (Hint: Fall Registration opens up in late August)

Step 4: Pick up the necessary equipment.

Each group has a few items that a swimmer will need for practice.  A list of the equipment can be found here.  Please have this for your first practice.  Items can be purchased at Simply Swimming in Madison (6649 University Avenue Middleton, WI 53562).

Stuck or confused?  Email Coach White if you have questions about practices or swim groups.  Email Adam Snook if you have issues with registering.  Email Michelle Perko if you have questions about financials.