7/5/2020 Storm Update

Michael White

Simply Swimming

Simply Swimming is using Storm as a test pilot for their revamped website.  Most of you know that we get a team discount on all TYR products because of our sponsorship.  Now, you’ll be able to see the “everybody” price on the team portal when you aren’t logged in, and the Storm price if you’re logged in.

Not logged in:

Logged in:

Right now, the full list of equipment is up on the Simply Swimming page.  To the swimmers in the pool now: check to see if your swimmer has a functioning Tempo Trainer.  If they don’t have one, get one from Simply Swimming.  If it’s not working, please get them a battery!  I’ve personally been buying batteries for the kids, and it’s getting darn expensive to keep everyone going myself.

If you haven’t already done so, I strongly recommend creating your account through Simply Swimming.  Be sure to list Storm as the team when registering.  The team discount makes equipment prices in line with the big stores like SwimOutlet, and local businesses like Simply Swimming definitely need our help these days.


Coping with the Heat

We’re anticipating another week of daily temps over 90.  Admittedly, having been in Arkansas before this I haven’t thought much about it.  But seeing some of our swimmers struggle through the heat, I wanted to go over a few things.

  • Constantly remind your swimmer that hydration starts BEFORE practice, not during.  If they show up to practice thirsty, there’s no way to regulate their hydration during the course of exercise.  They should constantly be drinking, morning, noon, and night.
  • Water is great before and during practice, but something to replace electrolytes is crucial after they’ve been sweating.
  • If your swimmer is leaving for dryland dressed head to toe in black, give them one of my trademark looks and demand they dress in lighter colors.  MULTIPLE swimmers have come to practice in black!
  • The heat is not only affecting dryland, but lake temperatures and pool temperatures.  The swimmers don’t realize how much harder their body works to maintain the right body temperature in the water, and can’t see how much they’re sweating.  Check to see how much they drank during practice.
  • With the “Real Feel” temperature over 100 on most days last week and this week, if you feel your swimmer should stay home—feel free to do so.  We’re giving water and shade breaks, but there’s only so much we can do.


Thursday 7/10 Dryland Groups with Coach White

Thursday’s dryland groups that participate with Coach White (12-13 girls, 14&O Girls, 13&O Boys) will be going on a Tour De Prairie with group bike rides.  We’ll be sticking to minor streets and will have coaches in front & rear of the group to keep everyone together.  Swimmers in those groups should plan to have their bike at the park, a helmet, and a water bottle.  Despite the wishes of our girls, we will NOT be taking repeated trips to Dairy Queen!