Registration #4 Update and Other News

Michael White

Registration #4 Underway

Most of you have noticed that Registration #4 is underway for open water, dryland, and 15&O pool time.  This registration is for July 13th-26th.  There were no changes to any of the registration formats for this one.  If you’re currently registered, your last open water was yesterday, your last dryland would have been today; last pool swim Sunday.

A reminder that 13-14 pool registration opens tomorrow—everything else is open now.

Group D Pool Registration

Group D (8:30-9:30A), which has officially become the 13&O Typhoon group, had 13 registrants for the last period.  If the group does NOT fill to 15 swimmers, we’ll look at 12 year olds (as of July 13th and sorted by date of birth) and ask them if they’re interested in taking part in the next pool cycle. We’ll go until we have 15 swimmers in the group.  Reminder: We can have up to 25 swimmers in a group if swimmers are 13 & over, but the moment we add a 12 year old, our max size is capped at 15.  We’ll begin looking at the registrations on Saturday. 


Andrew Koskelin


Julia Morriss


Owen Acker


Taylor Borchardt-Wilson


Jack Ries

Above would be the first five swimmers to be considered, listed strictly by birth date.  If your swimmer is one of the five, feel free to e-mail me in advance to let me know what you'd do if pool time was available for your swimmer.

Open Water Next Wednesday

Last week, a group of swimmers looked across the lake and wondered aloud how far it was across.  Well, they shouldn’t have asked.  I’ve secured a boat and two other escort craft to guide our 13&O swimmers through an open water swim to the beach on the north shore of Lake Ripley (.48 miles each way).  I spoke to the owners of the Lake Ripley Lodge across the lake (East-West), but they seemed less than thrilled about an assorted number of swimmers showing up on their dock.  So, as of now--north beach it is! 

If you have a 13&O swimmer and you’ve got a kayak or paddle board and would like to provide extra coverage for the trip, please send me an email and we’ll coordinate.   Having done waterfront supervision at a lake as well as ocean rescue, I’m confident we can safely navigate Lake Ripley.  We’ll start the journey at 5pm.  The Wednesday evening 12&U group would take place as regularly scheduled.

How Long Will This Schedule Go?

I’ve had a few parents asking how long we’ll stick with this schedule (Cherokee, Lake Ripley, and dryland) and the short answer is: I have no idea.  We’re continuing to work with SPHS to get time as soon as they’ll allow.  We’re working with Cherokee Country Club to keep the outdoor pool open as long as it’s tolerable to be outside.  But frankly, we can’t come up with any sort of plans until Sun Prairie Schools determine their fall schedule and their rental group policy.  As soon as decisions are made at the district level, we’ll jump into action.