Early October Registration

Michael White

October Registration Changes


We have an assortment of small changes to announce for the next registration period, which runs October 4th through October 17th.

Registration will open tomorrow for all groups/times.

You can find the full summary of October offerings and our future plans here.  Changes are highlighted below.

12&Under Groups

No changes

Orange 1&2 have a day added to the weekday (season) registration: Wednesdays at Cherokee Country Club from 5:45-6:40P.  No other pool changes.

Yellow 1&2 have a day added to the weekday (season) registration: Mondays at Cherokee Country Club from 4:40-5:40P.  No other pool changes

Red 1&2 have a day added to the weekday (season) registration: Mondays at Cherokee Country Club from 5:40-6:40P. 

Weekends at Fall River will still be offered as additional event registration.  There was a slight change to the order:
7:30-8:30A—Orange; 8:30-9:30—Green; 9:30-10:30—Red; 10:30-11:30--Yellow

13&Over Groups

The Group A mornings will be coming to an end, moving to Monday/Wednesday afternoons.  Small time changes were made to all groups, but no day-of-week changes were made.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

SR 1/2 Girls/Boys

SR 1/2 Girls/Boys

SR 1/2 Girls/Boys

13-14 Non Seniors

Sunday 1:45-3:10P
Monday 3:20-4:40P
Wednesday 4:30-5:45P

Sunday 3:10-4:35P
Wednesday 3:15-4:30P
Thursday 3:20-4:40P

Monday 2:00-3:20P
Tuesday 2:00-3:20P
Thursday 2:00-3:20P

Sunday 4:35-6:00P
Tuesday 3:20-4:40P
Wednesday 2:00-3:15P

Cambridge times remain unchanged from the last session through the additional event registration.

No Dryland

For the next registration period, there will be no dryland.  We’re working with multiple facilities to create an indoor dryland program to get us through the winter period.  13&O swimmers are urged to look into ESP at the Prairie Athletic Club.


The Next Registration

This weekend, the board will determine whether or not we continue this particular schedule through the remainder of October, or if we move to an all indoor schedule.  Badger Aquatic Club moves fully indoor after this week; Waunakee is planning to end their outdoor time on the 17th.  We’ll see how our swimmers are handling the days and adjust accordingly.