Storm Forecast for October 26th, 2020

Michael White

Storm Forecast for October 26, 2020

Burracho’s Team Share Night

As Storm continues to find ways to support local businesses and to raise money without trying to wear down the volunteer base, we’ve scheduled another eat out night.  On Wednesday night, eat at Burracho’s from 4-8pm and mention you’re with Storm and we’ll earn a slice of the sale.

Simply Swimming Order

Simply Swimming has put up an order for swimsuits, bags, parkas, etc.  Find everything here.  Make sure you’re logged into the site to get team prices.

Bulk Equipment Order

This year, we’re expanding the groups that will need a tempo trainer and snorkel.  (The reasoning: with 60 minutes of practice time, we’ll likely have to do more high intensity work and a tempo trainer is great at developing it; and I’m of the belief that our younger swimmers more easily adapt to equipment like snorkels than our 17 year olds getting it for the first time.  So, by the time they’re 14, 15, 16…they’re not spitting up water after a flipturn with a snorkel.)  If your swimmer is in Alpha through Mike (Groups A-M), they’ll need both a snorkel and tempo trainer.  You can stop in and get one from Simply Swimming, you can order one online, OR the cheapest route is for us to do a bulk order.  So let’s do that.  If your swimmer has a snorkel and/or a tempo trainer, opt out here. You’ve got through Friday to opt out.  After Friday, we’ll place a bulk order of snorkels and tempo trainers for all remaining swimmers in groups Alpha, Bravo, Charlie….all the way through Mike.  Your account will be billed for the items you don’t opt out for.  Estimated cost: $28 for snorkel, $40 for tempo trainer.  If your swimmer has a tempo trainer that doesn’t work, a new CR1620 battery will likely do the job.

Meet Scheduling

We’re working with several teams around the state to set up some small meets to quench our swimmers’ thirst to compete.  Currently, we’re ironing out details for a 12&U meet on November 21st, a meet for all ages on the weekend of December 4th, a virtual Junior National meet in Waukesha, and…

December 12&U Sprint State Meeting

Thursday night at 6:30 we’ll discuss the current setup of the Wisconsin 12&U Sprint State meet, set to be held in Brown Deer on December 12-13.  If you have a 12&U swimmer that would be affected by this meet or just want to sit in on the lively conversation, join with this link.

Amazon Smile

If you’ve not utilized Amazon Smile before, now would be a great time to get accustomed to it.  Go to  and enter Sun Prairie Swim Inc as the non-profit you’re supporting.  Then, a small percent of all sales will support our team.  Think of it like you would our team share nights at restaurants, except now it’s when you’re up at 1am buying ketchup chips in bulk (purely hypothetical).