Swimsuits, Spectators, and Saturday

Michael White

A bit of mid-week updates:


The sizing kit for swimsuits will be at Cherokee Country Club for the next week.  If your swimmer needs to get fitted for a suit and you can't make it to Simply Swimming, this is an easy way to get figured out.  There are two different cuts for the women, a jammer and a brief for the men.  You'll be able to utilize the locker rooms there.

A note that a racing suit shouldn't be baggy or have wrinkles.  It needs to be fairly snug.  If you have a 12&U girl, they should not be in a size 30 or greater!

Custom Caps

Custom swim caps are now available on the Storm portal on Simply Swimming.  I'm going to move the deadline to purchase those to a week from today, Wednesday, September 15th.

Cherokee Country Club

First, getting there: For those of you who haven't been there, you'll be coming down Sherman.  Be sure to turn into Cherokee AFTER PASSING Golf Parkway

Second, watching practice: There's a fantastic elevated seating area above the poolhouse.  That is open for parents to bring chairs and watch their swimmers.  You can also sit in the grassy area.  You needn't sit in the car!   Note: you'll want bug spray

Third, bring your swimmer's parka: Post practice, once the sun goes down it'll be CHILLY for wet kids.  Bringing a swim parka, even if it feels warm when you're heading to practice, is a really good idea.

Saturday's New Parents Meeting

We've got a new parents meeting set for 10am Saturday at Cherokee.  If your swimmer joined last year but you still want to listen in, it's a great idea.  You don't need to be new this fall to attend.  Bring a chair, we're going to sit on the roof to talk.

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