Schedule Changes & Deadlines

Michael White

We’ve got the blessing from the maintenance crew at Cherokee Country Club, so the water is warm and we’re ready.

Today: Normal Schedule

Friday: Normal Schedule

Saturday: This one is trickier.  It’s going to be too cold in the morning for Cherokee, and Sun Prairie High School isn’t sure they can staff the facility.  So, Plan A is at the high school, Plan B will be at Fall River.  We'll let families know TOMORROW.

Plan A

Plan B

Sun Prairie High School

Fall River School

Senior 1&2 5:30-6:50A

Hurricane & Typhoon 6:50-8:00A

Tropical Storm 9:45-10:45A
Thunderstorm 10:45-11:40A

Senior 1&2 6:30-7:50A
Hurricane & Typhoon 7:50-9:00A
Tropical Storm 9:00-9:50A
Thunderstorm 9:50-10:45A

Monday: We’re looking at one last 65+ degree day, so we’re going to get one last day of two pools with Cherokee and SPHS.  It’ll be the Monday split we’re used to, but we’ll start Cherokee a tiny bit earlier.

Sun Prairie High School

Cherokee Country Club

Cyclone 6:00-7:10P
Typhoon 7:10-8:25P

Hurricane 5:00-6:10P
Thunderstorm 6:10-7:10P
Senior 1 & 2 7:10-8:35P

Tuesday: Tuesday begins the Schedule B schedule.  Please review it, as it’s changed slightly based on our registration groups and numbers. 

Upcoming Meets

Watertown Rising Stars Meet (Oct 23)

Deadline Wednesday
We’ve added the Rising Stars details to the calendar.  This will be a perfect meet for our newer 14&U swimmers.  The meet is free, hosted at Watertown High School.  We’ll compete at 10, wrapping up before noon.  From there, we’ll go to the Watertown Skating Rink.  This ought to be an outstanding social day for our emerging swimmers.

Waukesha (Nov 7)

The Waukesha meet file has been turned in to the meet host.

McFarland (Nov 19-21)

Deadline Sunday
The deadline has been moved earlier due to McFarland moving their entry window earlier.  If you want to swim in the McFarland meet, you have until SUNDAY to sign up.

Des Moines (Dec 3-5)

The 13&O travel meet has been pulled from the schedule.  With concerns about how we’ll have swimmers stay together in hotels & restaurants during the pandemic, we’ve cancelled the meet.  The BAC meet will be available for 13&O Swimmers, and we’re re-considering the Stateline Winter Classic in November as a “focus meet.”