Schedule Changes This Week

Michael White

With SPHS boys hosting two home meets this week, we've got a very different schedule on Tuesday and Friday:

On Tuesday, all Senior swimmers will train in the morning and will be headed to a baking competition in the afternoon.  Cyclones will be off; all other scheduled groups will be at Fall River.

On Friday, all senior swimmers will train in the morning.  The groups largely unaffected by the Rising Stars meet (Typhoon and Cyclone) will train at Fall River--all other groups have the opportunity to race at the Rising Stars meet.

On Saturday, no practice for any group.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday--normal schedule for all.

Tech Suits

For those not opposed to a flamboyant American Flag technical suit, TYR has them on a massive sale, 60% off.  If you're not sure whether your swimmer needs this level of tech suit, consult your coach (spoiler: only a handful of swimmers should consider this).