Storm Forecast for February 11th, 2022

Michael White


With the return of over 30 high school boys to the roster, we’re looking at incredible meet participation from Storm next weekend at Regionals with almost 150 Storm swimmers competing!

Entry Selection: The switch in this meet from picking what day you’ll be there to picking events has caused a bit of chaos, namely swimmers entered in wrong sessions.  Now that we’re finalizing meet entries, please double-check your swimmers entries (right where you’d declare them for the meet) and make sure the days/sessions match what you’re expecting.

Weekend Practice

This weekend will mark the end of the season for your swimmer if they’re not competing at Regionals or beyond.  Starting Monday, practices will be exclusive to those swimmers competing in the championship meets at Regionals and after.  Here’s the Saturday practice schedule:

Championship Meet Declaration

For our 12&U and 13&O Championship meet qualifiers, it’s time to start picking your days for the LSC championship meets.  If you have a 12&U that’s close to the cuts and you want them considered for being a relay only swimmer, please register them for the meet as well.  We’ll have updates on preliminary relays (subject to change after Regionals) early next week.

Spring Session

AJ and I are working on the practice schedule for the spring session, which will begin March 28th.  Registration for the spring will begin in mid March with information coming online in the next 10 days.