Storm Forecast for March 27, 2022

Michael White

Welcome Back!


Welcome back to our 7 week Spring Session.  It’s got a mix of short course, long course, and I’m working on the potential for some indoor long course training in May *fingers crossed*.

We’re anticipating about 155 swimmers in for this session, so things ought to be pretty manageable in group sizes.  Just prior to this, I sent an email to families who weren’t yet registered—if you didn’t get it, you’re in good shape.


One thing different for this spring is the addition of dryland.  Dryland will be offered for Typhoon & Senior groups by Train608 in the Madison Juniors building ( 2840 Innovation Way, Sun Prairie, WI 53718 ) .  If things work well, we’ll look to expand to more groups next fall.  As with everything we offer, dryland isn’t required.  But the muscle groups worked will help with 1) explosiveness 2) overall athleticism 3) balance and 4) injury prevention.  The cost for dryland will be covered by the team, so swimmers needn’t bring any money.  Simply bring clothes for working out, water, you’re good to go.

A note from David, who leads the program:
can you send a message to the kids attending and ask them to download the app "TrainHeroic", we will use this to deliver all training programs, they can also track,  and log all their work there as well. The access code for their personal team calendar is "sunprairiestorm". Once they have entered that they will be taken to a calendar where they can see their training for the day, week, and month. 

Meet Calendar

The meet calendar is nearly done for the long course season, with the exception of the final week of the spring session (May 13-15).  We’re working to try and get our Tropical-Senior groups to Iowa City for a big meet, but if that doesn’t pan out we’ll go to the RecPlex.  Hopefully we’ll know quickly.  AJ and I will be putting meet information and event files up for signups this week for the remaining meets.

Practice Schedule

Just a heads up that we might have some variables in the Fridays/Saturdays in April—Wisconsin Swimming has its big meetings next weekend (April 1-2), and I have USA Swimming meetings I’m required to attend in Denver (April 21-24).  We’ll have plans for this Saturday out early this week.


Speaking of next weekend, we’ll be hosting our annual banquet Sunday at 6:00 at the Performing Arts Center at Cardinal Heights.  The format will be different for this one, as most of the planning occurred during our mask mandate days.   We won’t be gathering around the table for a big dinner before awards (so eat first!), just recognizing the accomplishments of our swimmers.  High school seniorsàyou’ll all be recognized as a group for the first time this year.  If you’re swimming next year in college, wear a shirt of that school for a group picture.  For everyone else, dress code isn’t formal this year—wear Storm gear.  Please sign up if you're attending so we can plan accordingly for cake.