Storm Forecast for May 2nd, 2022

Michael White

Saturday Schedule

With the Senior groups headed to the MATC Challenge course Saturday morning, we’ll have a quick, early morning at SPHS.

Hurricane & Typhoon 7:00-8:20A
Thunderstorm & Tropical Storm 8:20-9:20A

Next Weekend’s Meet

Since being told we’re on the waiting list, we’ve heard nothing about next weekend’s meet at the RecPlex.  At this point, I’m working under the assumption that we aren’t in the meet.  I have an email into the meet host, and we’re awaiting confirmation. 

If that’s true, the overwhelming majority of families indicated they’d rather have the weekend off.  So, if the Blue Devil meet is pulled from the schedule a replacement meet will not be added.

Summer Registration

Summer registration is now open!  The session will run from May 16th through mid-July.  Find information and prices here.

Lifeguards at CCC

Cherokee Country Club is looking for guards this summer.  They’re paying a fair rate, with $12/hr for starting guards and $14/hr for experienced guards.  Email Makayla Moore ([email protected]) with a resume & certifications if interested.