Storm Forecast for May 8th, 2022

Michael White

Spring into Summer
We’re reaching the final week of our spring session.  The transition to the summer session will mean some changes in facilities (welcome back the outdoor time at Cherokee, just in time for these hot May days), adding dryland for Hurricanes, and a schedule that’s a bit wonky until school lets out and the Piranhas get to their outdoor home.  So for those swimming in the summer session, be sure to check the Google Calendar at the start of each week.  We’ll remind of any changes, but things will definitely be different from week to week early on.

Some of the questions asked most often about the summer session:

  • How many Storm swimmers train in the summer?
    • The last few summers, we’ve averaged around 100 swimmers.  The group definitely trends older in the summer months, with a lot of older swimmers staying with us and younger swimmers spending the time in summer league.
  • Can my swimmer do both Storm and Piranhas?
    • They can.  For certain age groups, we wouldn’t recommend it.  For certain groups, it makes way more sense to do just Piranhas, and for other groups we’re always hopeful that they’ll choose Storm first.  But if families are wanting to try both, they certainly can.  We don’t have practice requirements for this reason, so people can dabble in multiple activities.  If you’re not sure whether it’d be a good idea for your swimmer in particular, email your swimmer’s coach (me for the Cyclones and Seniors, AJ for the other groups)
  • My college swimmer needs a place to train.  Can they do that?
    • Yes!  Having college swimmers rejoin with Storm for the summer is great for their accountability and great for our current roster to see our alumni as college swimmers.  Win-win!  We have a summer training group for college swimmers.
  • Is Masters offered in the summer?
    • No.  Because we’ve got multiple groups in the water simultaneously early in the morning, we don’t consistently have the space for the Masters group.  They’ll get back in when school resumes.
  • Can my swimmer handle long course? 
    • Long course swimming (the 50 meter Olympic sized pool) provides quite a shock to the system each year, but by the time we reach the end of the summer it’s doable for everyone.  We keep a fair number of short course yard meets on the schedule throughout the season for those not yet ready for 50 meter pools.  We’ll be clear about which groups should be headed to each meet and if we think your swimmer should hold back from a meet, we’ll be sure to let you know.


We will not be able to race at the BDSC meet next weekend, which will mean we have an open weekend next weekend.  Families will not be billed for the meet.

This Weekend’s Schedule

Friday night, we will not have practice at either pool.  Saturday morning, the last day of the spring session, practice will be as follows:

Senior 1 & 2

Dryland at Fall River 7:00-7:45A *Bring Shoes*

Swim at Fall River 7:45-9:00A

Typhoon & Hurricane

Swim at Fall River 9:00-10:05A

Tropical Storm & Thunderstorm

Swim at Fall River 10:05-11:00A


Blood Drive

Our Red Cross Blood Drive is coming up in two weeks on Saturday, May 21st from 9am-2pm at the DeForest Area Community and Senior Center. 

We still have many open times available to donate blood! Individuals who may be ill with COVID-19 shouldn't donate until they are symptom free for 14 days and feeling well and healthy. If you are able to donate please sign up today

Special incentives - all donors will receive:

  • A 20-oz. Red Cross aluminum water bottle and customizable stickers
  • The team will earn $10 per unit once 30 units is reached
  • All donations will be tested for Antibodies