Storm Forecast for June 5th, 2022

Michael White

First of all, the big news:

Welcome to Tatum Mae Lerner, who joined us on June 3rd.

Cherokee Mornings

Because of the initial schedule of the Piranhas, we've committed to (and paid for) three more mornings at Cherokee Country Club.  Seniors going from 6:30-8:00; Typhoon, Hurricane, and 11-12 Cyclone from 8:00-9:20.  Starting THURSDAY, we'll move our mornings back to the high school, with everything starting 30 minutes earlier.

Bird Bath Meet

One of the summer highlight events in Wisconsin is the Bird Bath Invitational.  I've heard fantastic reviews about this meet, so we're making the journey to Appleton for the 8th-10th of July.  This outdoor long course meet is open to ALL swimmers, and we've been permitted to bring up to 40 athletes.  So, any swimmer with the exception of our summer sectional swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend.  Signup is open.

Murph Event

We've done the Murph event each spring, usually at SPHS.  This year, we're attempting it tomorrow at Cherokee.  Seniors and Typhoon swimmers are eligible to do the event, which will involve a 1 mile run, a 1 mile swim, and some gutwrenching dryland in between.  Swimmers should bring fluids and comfortable workout clothes.  We'll start the event at 6:30.  Typhoons not interested in the Murph will have regular practice at SPHS.  Seniors not interested in the Murph need to get up early for practice in the morning.