Storm Forecast for November 2nd, 2022

Michael White

Winter Session Registration Update

We’re just starting the winter registration session and we’ve already got 118 members signed up, including Thunderstorm 1 filling already.  A reminder for high school girls, you’ll go through a different USA registration process this year; you’ll get info from our registrar in the coming days.

Details for the winter session can be found here.

The registration window looks as follows:
10/31 -- Preferred Registration for board members, officials, committee chairs
11/1 -- Returning Family Registration
11/3 -- New Family Registration
11/12 -- Last Day of Fall Session
11/14 -- First Day of Winter Session

East + West Schedule

We’ve received word that both Sun Prairie East and Sun Prairie West boys’ teams will finish before or at 6pm, allowing us to start groups at 6 instead of 6:15 or 6:30.  This will move start times slightly earlier, effective November 28th.  

The updated winter schedule is on the website; we’re working towards updating the Google Calendar & TeamUnify pages to reflect the changes.

How Many Meets Should We Be Doing?

Over the course of a short course season, there are a lot of meets and a LOT of sessions a swimmer can attend.  There’s no particular magic number for how many a swimmer should attend.  The only wrong answers would be “all of them,” or “none of them.”  Our senior swimmers will attend 1, maybe 2 a month as training is more important than competing at their stage in swimming.  Our 11-14 swimmers can do a major meet every other weekend and be fine.  Our novice swimmers will have easy Friday night meets to replace practice---since those are fast, easy, and cheap they’re perfect for doing pretty regularly.  

It’s definitely not essential to do every session in a meet.  Multiple days works for some, not for others.  When it comes to our home meets, we try to have our swimmers there as much as possible for a few reasons: the comfort in a familiar site for newer swimmers, the camaraderie, and the lightened volunteer load for families.  

If you’re ever not sure if a meet is right for your swimmer or if you’re doing too little or too much, don’t be afraid to ask the coach responsible for your swimmer’s group.

Practice Changes


All practices at Sun Prairie East
Senior 1&2 6:00-7:20A
Typhoon 6:00-7:20A
Thunderstorm 1&2 7:20-8:15A
Tropical Storm 8:15-9:15A
Hurricane 8:15-9:25A

Monday (Halloween)

AM Practice as scheduled
Typhoon, Senior 1, Senior 2: 6:30-7:50P at Sun Prairie East
All Other Groups: OFF 

Social Events

Share Nights

Culver’s Share Night

November 7th

Chipotle Share Night

November 16th, 5-9pm

Parents Night Out

We invite you to join other swim parents and guardians for a fun evening at Flavor's Wine Bar Trivia Night!

Where: Flavors Wine Bar in The Old City Hall building at 100 East Main Street, Sun Prairie

When: Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Join us for Trivia Night at Flavors with DJ Tom. You can win prizes and have a great time with no cost to play!  In addition to wine, Flavors offers a wide selection of beers, classic and specialty cocktails, and appetizers. We hope to see you there! 

Meet Notes

Des Moines 13&O

We’ll be doing an early signup for this meet so we can figure out the team travel side of things.  If numbers are small enough to fit into 1 or 2 15passenger vans, we’ll use coaches & chaperones to handle that travel to keep expenses down.  If numbers are large enough to merit a larger vehicle, we’ll do that.

The biggest dealbreaker in team travel is the team part.  We’ll be leaving after school on Friday, punting on the distance events of Friday, so that swimmers don’t miss school time.  That being said, we will require swimmers participating in the meet to travel with the group.  We’ve had interest from a few parents in being chaperones--if you’re willing to go through the USA Non-Athlete procedures to do that, let me know.

This meet is available for any and all of our 13&O swimmers, Hurricane through Senior 2.  Let me know if you have more questions.

Upcoming Deadlines







DFAC Fall Meet

All Swimmers




VAST Fall Meet

All Swimmers




HPAC Fall Meet 

Swimmers with B or better cuts, all seniors




MSS Rockstar Splash

Swimmers without B cuts




DSMY Snowglobe

All 13&Over




Dale Schrank Mem

All 12&Under




Wisconsin Sprint Champs

12&U with State Cuts

Not Yet Open

Early December


SPS Winter Classic

All Swimmers