Storm Forecast for November 16th, 2022

Michael White

It’s Chipotle Night!

5-9pm, it’s share night at Chipotle.  Mention Storm and a portion of your sale will go to the team.

December Sprint Champs

We’re now in the prep stage for December Sprint Champs, held at Verona High School, December 10-11.  It’s for age 12&U swimmers with December Sprint Meet time standards.  Here’s a list of the standards, and a quick peek at who’s already qualified.

Sofia Adler

Hadley Endres

Adi Jaeger

Kelsey Kapets

Avani Quamme

Avery Jaeger

Mythri Sathish

Valerie Bautista

Hailey Diers

Stella Hague

Breeley Hastings

Norah Quinton

Natalie Brandl

Sydney Grendahl

Hattie Ries

Lily Ries

Claire Rundahl

Kendall Brandl

Reed Hastings

Jackson Kuehn

Colin McCartin

Cal Quinton

Owen Zenobi

Jonah Brandl

We hope to add to the roster between this weekend and the SWAT meet.

We may be in need of some relay-only swimmers to fill out teams.  AJ will be reaching out to families in the next couple days to determine who and how many. 

How Do I Get a Parka?

One question we get a lot in the late fall/early winter is in regards to apparel.  Families that weren’t sure whether or not they wanted to buy a parka or a nice warmup are now ready and wonder how/when it can be done.  The short answer: any time!  Simply Swimming keeps team suits, practice suits, warmups, parkas, hats, all sorts of items in stock.  You can even get them personalized on-site.  If you want to order online, go to and you’ll find most of what you need equipment-wise in the specific categories for each group.  For the clothing portions, give them a call and they can set you up and ship it your way.  Our board is working on trying to secure a holiday order for spirit wear for those interested, more info in the coming days.

My Child Wants a Tech Suit

One of the biggest “keeping up with the Jones’” things with swimming is little Sally seeing her opponent (or worse, her friend and rival) in a tech suit when she doesn’t yet have one.  Thus starts the arms race that is technical swimsuits.  These suits, ranging from $100 to $500+ have the ability to reduce drag slightly, add compression, but most importantly they make the child expect they’ll be fast.  There are specific suits that 12&U swimmers can wear, and others that 13&O can wear.  At Storm, we try and save the opportunities for these suits for experienced swimmers at a very select number of meets per year.  1) It keeps the excitement and sanctity of “suiting up” for the moments where we’re hoping they’ll be at peak performance when we need that extra gear, 2) it keeps parents from blowing up their summer vacation fund, and 3) it prioritizes hard work over the magic beans.

If you’re considering a tech suit for your state-level 12&U, talk with your lead coach first about the need.  Do NOT buy one on sale online if you’ve not tried them on beforehand--suit sizes vary wildly.  If your 13&O is wanting their first suit, send them to us directly to discuss.  As a TYR sponsored team, we strongly encourage TYR products (and get a nice discount on technical suits), but we’ll do whatever is best for the comfort and mindset of the athlete.

Sun Prairie East Facility Notes

If your swimmer is in the first group of the day at Sun Prairie East, be sure not to arrive any more than 10 minutes before their start time, and MAKE SURE DOORS OPEN BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR CHILD.  With the weather getting cold and SPE not unlocking doors to our group until :10 before practice starts, it’ll be a cold time for kids waiting.

Second, we’re at the point where the shoes you wore outside aren’t allowed on deck as they try and keep salt, mud, and grime off the deck.   That leaves you with 3 options: 1) go barefoot [gross], 2) put the adorable blue booties over your shoes, or 3) pack a pair of sandals or shoes to swap into for the pool deck.

Sun Prairie West Notes

After Thanksgiving, we’ll go to our Sun Prairie East + Sun Prairie schedule.  That means learning the ins and outs of a new pool.  And to introduce the expectations of the new pool, here’s a message from Aquatic Director Neil Weiss.

Hello Storm Families, 


My name is Neil Weiss and I am the Aquatics Program and Facility Manager at West High School.  Some of you may recognize me as a former McFarland Spartan Sharks coach.  Thank you to everyone who has introduced themselves to me already or said hi.  You have made me feel welcome in the community and my new role.


I'm excited to have the Sun Prairie Storm swim team as the first rental in the new facility at West High School!  I have been patiently waiting for November 28th so we can get people in here to utilize this beautiful space.  I want to touch base on a few pool rules and guidelines so we can make your transition into the new pool successful.  


All swimmers need to enter at door 31 (athletic entrance).  These doors will be unlocked 10 minutes before and after the start of your scheduled practice.  If you arrive 10 minutes late, you will need to ring the doorbell and someone on the pool staff will buzz you in.  Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your practice time!  You will not be let into the building or pool area if you are more than 10 minutes early.  The athletic entrance gives you access to a lot of the school and I cannot have swimmers/families wandering the halls.  


Please pick up your swimmers after practice in a timely manner.  I would like all swimmers out of the building and picked up no more than 10 minutes after the completion of their practice time.   


Upon entering the pool area, you need to take your shoes off and leave them on the big rug next to the bleachers.  Put your shoes to the side so they do not block the entry way.  Shoes should not go on the bleachers or to the locker rooms.  Spectators may put on blue shoe covers that we have provided if you do not want to take your shoes off on the bleachers.  


Storm will use the community locker rooms that are located by the big metal bleachers in the shallow end.  Swimmers should enter and exit the community locker rooms from the pool deck. The drinking fountain is out in the hallway right by the locker rooms.  We also have 2 on deck bathrooms that are available throughout practice.  


Food and drinks are not allowed inside the pool area!  You may have water on deck, as long it is not in a glass or ceramic water bottle.


I look forward to seeing Storm in the pool soon!






Practice Notes


Friday, Nov 18th

No AM OR PM Practice (SPE Practice & Swim Meets)

Saturday, Nov 19th

No Practice (Swim Meets)

Tuesday, Nov 22nd

No AM Practice (SPE Practice) 

Thursday, Nov 24th

No Practice - Thanksgiving

Friday, Nov 25th

No AM Practice (no Sun Prairie availability)
Senior 1&2 5:00-6:20P at FRIV
Typhoon 5:00-6:20P at FRIV
Thunderstorm 1 6:20-7:20P at FRIV
Thunderstorm 2 6:20-7:20P at FRIV
Tropical Storm 6:20-7:20P at FRIV

Saturday, Nov 26th

Senior 1&2 8:00-9:20A at FRIV
Typhoon 8:00-9:20A at FRIV
Cyclone 9:20-10:25A at FRIV
Hurricane 9:00-10:25A at FRIV

Social Events

Share Nights

Chipotle Share Night

TONIGHT!, 5-9pm

Noodles & Co Share Night

December 1st, 4-8pm

Rocky Cococo Share Night

December 20th, 4-8pm


Upcoming Deadlines







HPAC Fall Meet 

Swimmers with B or better cuts, all seniors




MSS Rockstar Splash

Swimmers without B cuts




DSMY Snowglobe

All 13&Over




Dale Schrank Mem

All 12&Under




Wisconsin Sprint Champs

12&U with State Cuts




SPS Winter Classic

All Swimmers