Board of Directors

David Zenobi

Vice President
 Jen Spredemann

Angie Schasker

Angie Vitale

Head Coach
Michael White

Cori Stampf 

Finance Manager
Megan Ries

Member-At-Large & Apparel
Emily Diers


Sun Prairie Storm Volunteer Committees

As a team, things have grown at an incredible pace since the launch of the Sun Prairie Storm. For us to thrive as a board we need to build committees to work on specific areas of need as we move forward. To serve on these committees, your child is only required to swim one session throughout the year, so even if your family is taking part in other sports or even taking the summer to swim with Piranhas, you can still be engaged on one of these committees. Our goal is for these committees to meet on a regular basis to move their tasks forward and then submit monthly updates to the board.

Development / Fundraising Committee
Purpose:  To build alternative sources of revenue for the team through the sale of sponsorships and creative fundraising ideas.

Sponsor/Donation Chair
Storm-A-Thon Chair
Committee Members
       Todd Loess


Meet Committee 
Purpose:  This committee will include people that will fill specific roles that will allow us to run great swim meets which are also a great source of revenue for the team!

Meet Directors
Dave Zenobi
Jenny Deboer
Clerk of Course
Volunteer Coordinator
Officials Chair
Michelle Perko
Hospitality Chair
Concessions Chairs
Kacie Mechels
Head Coach
Michael White
Awards Coordinator
Jennifer DeBoer

Meet Committee Support (Day of Meet)

Administrative Official: Adam Bayliss, Jim Nicodemus

Timing System Operator: Jeff Stampf, Phil Gillette

Computer Operator: Jeff Stampf, Phil Gillette

Meet Referees: Ken Fanta, Nicole Rundahl, Michelle Perko

Stroke and Turn: Mark Breyer, Heather Hudson, Anirudha Poddar

Social Events Committee 
Purpose:  This committee will make our social events happen.
Members:  Nicky Danielson, OPEN

Communications Committee
Purpose:  To submit stories, meet results and press releases to the newspaper of all the noteworthy things that are happening with the Sun Prairie Storm. This will help us to raise our level of awareness in the community, which will give us strength when it comes to fundraising and other activities!  
Committee Chair: Julie Vander Werff

Future Facilities Committee

Purpose: To find short term and long term solutions to provide the best opportunities of growth for the Sun Prairie Storm.


Brian Reeder

Jennifer Camp

Nicole Rairden

Mike Hessling

Marnie Zander

Michael White