What Is Safe Sport?


USA Swimming is committed to fostering a fun, healthy, and safe environment for all its members, and in 2010, it formally implemented a comprehensive Safe Sport program to respond to and prevent instances of abuse and misconduct within the sport of swimming.  Since then USA Swimming Safe Sport has worked tirelessly to educate members, put policies in place, and empower LSCs and clubs to create the best possible environments for all members.

Safe Sport Best Practices Guidelines

To Deal With a Safe Sport Concern:


Contact the Sun Prairie Storm Safe Sport Coordinator, Angie Schasker at [email protected]


To deal with a Safe Sport concern, contact USA Swimming at (719) 866-4578


Contact the U.S. Center for Safe Sport to make a report. Call (720) 524-5640 or use the online reporting form or find more information at http://www.uscenterforsafesport.org/




Located on our Document Page here


Written Permission Forms for Minor Athletes:

Permission for Local Travel

Written Permission for a Licensed Massage Therapist or Other Certified Professional or Health Care Provider to Treat a Minor Athlete

Written Permission for a Mental Health Care Professional or Health Care Provider to Have One on One Interaction with a Minor Athlete

Written Permission for an Unrealated Adult Athlete to Share the Same Hotel Sleeping Arrangement or Overnight Lodging Location with a Minor Athlete

Written Permission for an Unrealted Applicable Adult to Travel to Competition alone with a Minor Athlete

Online Education For Parents:

Parents Click Here 

Online Education For Athletes (12-18):


Swimmers Click Here

Instructions for the Online Education:

  1. Once redirected to the USA Swimming Website, please scroll down to “Free Training for Parents” or “Free Training for Athletes” and click on the “learn.usaswimming.org” link for NON-USA SWIMMING MEMBERS.
  2. Please click “Register”
  3. On the right, please click “Create Account” for Non-Member access to LEARN
  4. Please fill in all of the required personal information and be sure to select “WISCONSIN SWIMMING” as your LSC and "Sun Prairie Storm" for your club.
  5. Select “Courses”
  6. Click the “Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport” or “Safe Sport for Athletes” box and follow the directions until completion.
  7. If you are a current member of USA swimming, whether a parent or an athlete, please use your login information and navigate to the Safe Sport Training Area for these exercises.  

Other Resources

Safe Sport Activity Book