Become a Sponsor for Sun Prairie Storm

The Sun Prairie STORM is a year round USA competitive swim program that was founded in August 2013 in order to meet the increasing demands of our community.  Our Mission is to keep our youth healthy, active, and engaged and to provide young swimmers in the Sun Prairie community the opportunity to excel in the sport of swimming.  Our vision is to help each swimmer realize and achieve their potential and to promote sportsmanship in a healthy and fun environment for our athletes, coaches, and families.  

Sun Prairie Swim Inc. is a 501c non-profit organization that is run by a voluntary parent Board of Directors.  Since it's inception, the STORM swim team has been one of the fastest growing sports programs in our community.  Membership fluctuates seasonally but as a new organization, our membership has been as high as 165+.  

Facility rentals, year round professional coaching, competitive opportunities, team building events and developmental activities are critical to a swimmers positive development.  In order to keep our monthly membership fees at a financially acceptable level and provide this opportunity to all families in the community, we need to supplement our fees with donations and business sponsorships.  

The STORM is looking for opportunities to partner with local businesses so we can continue to develop and grow our community and our children in a strong and successful manner.  Statistics show that children who are involved in activities that promote teamwork, friendship, time management, perseverance, as well as mind and body development, have higher high school and college graduation rates.  This is what the STORM is all about and we want you to be a part of it!

Our partnership and your tax deductible financial donation not only supports your business and our swim program, it supports our community!  Local & regional advertising as a result of your support would be one of the many benefits.  Sponsorship & donation options are outlined as follows:


Foundational Sponsorships

Payments can be structured for 5 years X X X
Exclusivity as single level sponsor X    
Exclusive Business Type   X  
Featured in all home meet programs for 5 years X X X
Full page Ad on home meet programs X*    
Half page Ad on home meet programs   X  
Quarter page Ad on home meet programs     X
Banners posted at home meets for 5 years X* X X
Announced at home meets as a Foundational Sponsor X X  
Highlighted as Foundational Sponsor on team attire X* X X
Name on list of sponsors on team attire X X X
Receive team T-shirts 8 4 2
Press release from the team to local media X    
Posted on team website with hyperlink X* X X
Listed in team archives as founding sponsor X X X
Honorary STORM member X X X
Tickets to attend annual awards banquet 6 4 2

* Indicates priority placement of Advertising


Annual Sponsorships

Type Amount
Platinum $1,000
Gold $750
Silver $500
Bronze $250

Annual sponsorships include apparel advertising, home meet advertising (announcements & heat sheets), website advertising and a STORM T-shirt!


Donation Options

  • $20-$50 Gift cards (used for rewards & incentives for swimmers, coaches, and team volunteers or for fundraising activities like raffles or silent auctions).
  • Sponsor a restaurant night & donate a portion of sales to our team.
  • Donate services or products to support swim meets, awards banquets, and/or fundraising events.



Sponsorship Letter


Thank you for considering this amazing opportunity to invest in our community!  If you have any questions regarding our fund management policy, sponsorship information or our organization, please feel free to contact the development committee or the Board President.