Practice Policies

Practices have been designed by the coaching staff to best serve each child as he or she progresses through swimming.  Considerations have been made in regards to the child’s age, ability, development, the overall mission of the Sun Prairie Storm, and many other factors.  A typical practice will usually consist of work both in and out of the pool and swimmers should be prepared for both.  Practices will be fun but will involve hard work.  Swimmers should be prepared for both of these every time they come to the pool.


Practice Group Assignments

The age group team is made up of five groups: Thunderstorm, Tropical Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Senior 1, and Senior 2.  The assignment of the swimmer(s) to a group shall be the decision of the coaching staff and always have the best long-term interest of the swimmer in mind.  Practice group changes will be made at the end of each session.  Determining factors for moving a swimmer from one group to the next are: age, group size, and group prerequisites.  Prerequisites can be found on the team website.

Expectations of the Coaching Staff


Swimmers need to develop good, life-long habits of punctuality. Being on time and ready to all practices and SPS events will promote this. Attendance on a regular basis is also essential to good, steady progress.  While there are no minimum attendance requirements for any group, the more a swimmer puts into practice the more they’ll get out of it. 


Swimmers should be prepared for practice by bringing the basics (swimsuit, goggles, towel, water bottle), along with clothes and closed-toed shoes for dryland and the training equipment required for their group.  A list of required equipment can be found on the website.


Good safe habits are primary to the team and its members. Swimming can be a sport that is relatively free of accidents and injuries. However, swimmers must follow the rules set by the pool staff and the SPS Coaches. Any swimmer who is not practicing safe pool habits may be suspended from all pool activities. The board may also review swimmers who are in jeopardy of team suspensions.  Please refer to the Code of Conduct and Discipline Guidelines. 


The coaches expect swimmers to be respectful of themselves, those around them, and the facilities they use.  Every action by a member of our team is a reflection of the club, Wisconsin Swimming, and USA Swimming.  From holding the door open for others as they enter the pool to working hard on each set to cleaning up the pool deck after practice, every little thing counts!