When is my child ready to compete?

The short answer: if your child is on the team, they're ready to compete in some level.

Storm sets up a variety of competitions, from Rising Stars meets all the way to national level competition.  There's something for every swimmer.  On the Schedule/Results page, each meet is categorized for specific training groups.  In some cases, it's sorted by time standard.  If you're not certain about any of these things, it's a good idea to ask the coach.

What kind of meets are there?

Rising Star Meets - These fast meets run 2-3 hours, are purely for novice swimmers, with the emphasis on fun and learning.  There are no fees and no officials at these meets--times do not count.

Dual and triangular meets-These meets involve 2-3 teams and are one day events.  Typical length 3-5 hours

Invitationals-These meets typically involve 3 or more teams.  They can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 days in length.  Some require minimum time standards to attend.

Regional Championships-Prior to the Wisconsin State Championships, this meet is offered to provide a final opportunity to qualify for the state championships.  This meet is open to all 8&U swimmers, and all 9&O swimmers with at least one USA “B” cut.

State Championships- In mid-December, at the end of each short course (winter) and long course (summer) Wisconsin Swimming Inc. hosts the Wisconsin State Championships. To participate in this meet a swimmer must achieve a qualifying state time standard. 

Zone Championship - Zones is held after the State Championship meet in the summer. Wisconsin is a member of the Central Zone. A swimmer must be 14 & under and achieve an “AAA” time standard to participate. All swimmers from Wisconsin compete as one - Team Wisconsin. Swimmers compete within their age bracket. 

Sectionals - Sectionals is a qualifying meet held toward the end of each season.  Swimmers compete against each other regardless of age. 

Junior NationalsThis is a high level competition for swimmers 18 and under that have achieved a defined time standard. They compete against athletes across the nation.

Nationals/US Open/Olympic Trials/OlympicsThese are the highest level meets with only a few in each state participating. 

How is the schedule created?

A master schedule is released by Wisconsin Swimming typically six months in advance.  Coaches then look at the culminating events at the end of the season and work backwards.  Typically the short course schedule is released in August/September, the long course schedule in March/April.

How do I sign up for meets?

Meet sign-up will be done online through the parent portal on the website.  After logging in, select the meet and declare whether or not your swimmer will be attending or not, and if so—what sessions your swimmer will be attending.

There are three ways to declare your swimmer for a meet: 1) Directly from the homepage 2) From the Events tab on the website and 3) Using the OnDeck App

From the Home Page/Events Tab
Click Edit Commitment for the meet you're interested in; Select the athlete from the list; and declare your swimmer.  If yes, pick the sessions they'll attend.


From the OnDeck App

How do I select my swimmer's entries?

Entries for each meet will be selected by the coaching staff.  Events may be chosen for a number of reasons (working towards a swimmer’s strengths at a championship meet, working a swimmer’s “off” events at a small meet, completing a swimmer’s IMR/IMX score, or just challenging a swimmer individually), but keep in mind that 1) the decision of the coaching staff is final and 2) the coaches will never put a swimmer in an event that the child cannot complete.

Once a swimmer enters a meet and the meet entries have been sent, you are responsible for paying all meet fees. We cannot get a refund of any entry fees, even if your child is sick.