2018 Fall Practice Schedule


Tropical Storm

Tue-6:15-7:00P at SPHS
Thur-6:15-7:00P at SPHS
Fri-6:15-7:00P at SPHS
Sat-Per Newsletter

Tue-7:00-7:50P at SPHS
Wed-6:00-7:00P at Fall River
Thur-7:00-7:50P at SPHS
​Fri-7:00-7:50P at SPHS
Sat-Per Newsletter



Tue-6:15-7:25P at Fall River
Wed-6:15-7:25P at SPHS
Thur-6:00-7:10P at MATC
Fri-6:00-7:10P at MATC
Sat-Per Newsletter

Mon-6:15-7:30P at SPHS
Tue-7:50-9:00P at SPHS
Wed-5:30-6:45A at SPHS
Wed-7:00-8:20P at Fall River
Thur-7:10-8:25P at MATC
Fri-7:50-9:10P at SPHS
Sat-Per Newsletter

Senior 1 & 2


Mon-5:30-6:45A at SPHS
Mon-7:30-8:50P at SPHS
Tue-6:00-7:00 at JJ's Boxing Gym
Tues-7:25-8:40P at Fall River
Wed-7:25-8:50P at SPHS
Thur-7:50-9:10P at SPHS
Fri-5:30-6:45A at SPHS
Fri-6:00-7:00 at MATC Weight Room
Fri-7:10-8:25P at MATC
Sat-Per Newsletter

M, W, F 5:30-6:45AM at SPHS

Monday & Friday are scheduled for Coach White
Wednesday is scheduled for Coach Katie


SPHS practices start at 6:15 in the fall due to facility scheduling.  Times will be moved back for the winter session.

Masters practice for the fall is M, W, F—in the winter, it will likely be M, W, Th

Mission: Sun Prairie Storm is a community-based competitive swim team which provides swimmers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to excel in the sport of swimming.

Vision: Sun Prairie Storm is committed to help each swimmer realize his or her potential as a competitor and individual by providing:

+Excellence in coaching from a professional coaching staff that uses contemporary training techniques with an emphasis on swimming fundamentals

+An atmosphere that inspires swimmers to achieve their maximum potential through discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, positive motivation, and self esteem

+A collaborative parent board dedicated to bringing professionalism and leadership for the benefit of all swimmers We value our members and strive to promote a healthy and fun environment for our athletes, coaches, and families.

If you're interested in joining the team, e-mail Coach White at spstormcoach@gmail.com Mailing Address: Sun Prairie Swim Inc., DBA Sun Prairie Storm, PO Box 1023, Sun Prairie, WI 53590.

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