Swimsuit Guide

TYR provides us with great discounts on all our swim products, including swimsuits for all occasions.


Any type of one piece suit is fine for the average day of practice.  For swimmers wanting extra resistance in the water for training, we recommend a pair of drag shorts:


For the 2020-2021 season our team suit is the TYR Agon.  This suit isn't mandatory for meets, but is strongly recommended.  Male swimmers may utilize the jammer or brief. Female swimmers have two different styles to choose from, each with different neck lines, siide coverage, and visible back.


Championship Meets

For high level competition or championship level meets, we have several options in suits.  You'll find them categorized by age group.  Suits are recommended by age and ability, and you should consult the coaching staff before purchasing.

Per the terms of our sponsorship with TYR, suits can be ordered through Simply Swimming at the following discount:

  Level Achieved Discount Received
  No Cuts 10% off (courtesy of Simply Swimming)
  State Qualifier 20% off
  Sectional Qualifier 30% off, free warmup jacket
  USA Jr National Qualifier 40% off, free backpack, free t-shirt, free item
  Olympic Trial Qualifier Free suit, free parka, free warmup, free bag, free shirt, free backpack



Age 9-12




Age 13-Over

Avictor Prelude


Avictor Venom

Avictor Venom

Avictor Omaha Nights

Top Level Suits Venzo Plasma Venzo Onyx Venzo Crystal