Swim Assessments for the

2023 Long Course Season (Spring Only)

are Monday, March 6th and Wednesday, March 8th. 

Email Head Coach Dave Westfahl with any questions

Sign Up Here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f4cafa729a6fdc16-spring#/


Guide for Prospective Swimmers and Families:

The Shorewood Swim Club is a competitive swim club of 150-175 swimmers from Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Glendale, Bayside, Milwaukee, and many other surrounding communities. We have a professional, certified staff of two full-time and ten part-time coaches, and nine groups serving swimmers from Novice to National competitors.

The Philosophy of the Shorewood Swim Club is based around three principles:

  • Athlete Centered – We have a progressive teaching and training curriculum to help all athletes reach their potential as a swimmer
  • Coach Directed – We have professional, certified coaches working with swimmers of all levels, with over 75 years of swim coaching experience
  • Parent Supported – We have a very supportive parent Board of Directors who help coordinate the “dry” side of the program

Long History of Developing Successful Swimmers:

  • Numerous athletes who have competed in the Olympic Trials, USA Swimming Junior and Senior Nationals, Regional Zone Championships, and State Meets
  • Over 150 alumni who have gone on to swim at Division I and III colleges, including Wisconsin, North Carolina, Brown, Northwestern, Ohio State, Minnesota, Emory, Denison, Lawrence, Washington University, Marist, Middlebury, Whitewater, and many other colleges and universities
  • Many State and Junior National Record Holders, National Age Group Top 10 Swimmers, High School All-Americans, and USA Swimming Scholastic All-Americans

Training Groups:

  • Novice – Fall Swim League Red + Fall Swim League Black
    • Red (40 minutes) + Black (50 minutes ) - Swimmers new to competitive swimming
    • Focus is on technique, skill development and fun
  • Age Group – Age Group Red + Age Group Black
    • 8-13 yr.old swimmers with competitive swimming background
    • Focus is on skill development, fun, a progressive training model, and competition
  • Junior Group - Junior Red + Junior Black
    • 12-14 year olds, with newer, less expereinced or multi-activity athletes in Red, and more experienced in Black
    • Focus on technique, skills, training, and meet preparation
  • Senior – Junior Black, Senior Red and Senior Black
    • High School age swimmers swimmers, with group placement based on commitment, ability
    • Focus on refining stroke technique, and training to prepare for various State, Regional, and National competition

Practice Locations:

  • Shorewood High School VHE Pool/Diving Well – in the Science/Math Building on the NW side of the SHS campus
  • Shorewood High School SHS Pool – in the Phys Ed Building on the W side of the SHS parking lot

Practice Attendance:

  • Each group has different practice recommendations

Practice Duration             Offered           Recommended

  • Fall Swim League              40-50 minutes                   3-4                   50%+
  • AG Red                              45-60 minutes                   3-4                   60%+   
  • AG Black                            75-90 minutes                   5-6                   75%+
  • JR Red                               60-90 minutes                   3-4                   50%+
  • JR Black                             90-120                              5-6                    85%+
  • SR Red                              75-90                                 3-4                   50%+
  • SR Black                            90-120                               5-6                  100%


  • Short Course Season
    • Fall/Winter
    • September through early March
    • Most Meets conducted in 25 yd. (short course) pools
  • Long Course Season
    • Spring/Summer
    • Late March through Early August
    • Most meets conducted in 50 mtr. (long course) pools


  • Swim League – compete when ready – start with intra-squad, “home” meets, and local meets
  • Age Group – recommended to attend at least 50% of meets scheduled for your group, with focus on preparation for a “season-ending” Championship meet (Regionals and State)
  • Junior Red and Senior Red – recommended to attend 2-3 meets each season, especially home meets and a focus on a season-ending Championship
  • Junior Black and Senior Black – recommended to attend 80-90% of meet days offered, with focus on preparation for Championship meets (Regionals, State, Junior Nationals, etc.)

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Families in the Winter Swim League are required to volunteer one meet session at our January Meet, and are welcome to help out more.
  • Families in the Age Group and Senior groups are expected to volunteer between 2 and 3 sessions each season (depending on group placement) at the two meets that we host each season
  • Anyone more interested in volunteering with the club can become a swim official, or assist Board of Directors positions


  • Training Fees
    • Based on group placement
    • Cover coaching costs and pool rental
  • USA Swimming Fee – annual fee required of all swimmers
  • Meet Fees – meet entry fees (about $20-30 per day)


  • All apparel is available through our Team Dealers
    • Elsmore Aquatics
      • Suits
      • Warm Ups
      • Parkas
      • Equipment
    • Burghardt’s Sporting Goods – orders on Fall, Winter and Spring
      • T-Shirts
      • Sweat Shirts
      • Etc.
  • Practices
    • Swim Suit
    • Goggles
    • Swim Cap
    • Equipment – needed for AG, JR and SR athletes
  • Meets
    • Team Suit (Speedo)
    • Team Cap
    • Team Apparel (t-shirt, warm up, sweat shirts, etc)
    • Goggles

How to get started with the Shorewood Swim Club:

  • New Swimmer Assessments are held the following dates:
    • Monday, March 6th and Wednesday, March 8th for Spring 
    • Monday, June 5th and Tuesday, June 6th
  • Contact Head Coach Dave Westfahl to answer questions and schedule an assessment (15 minutes)
  • Complete assessment to determine team readiness and group placement, and register for the appropriate group online at our site – www.shorewoodswimclub.com