Event Fundraising
SHOR Swimathon 2022
DEC 17
Time: 9:00 AM
Michael Raymond Email
The clock has started! Shorewood Swim Club is excited for this year's big fundraising event. Our athletes, parents, coaches and alumni are working hard to raise $36,000 for a new scoreboard and live streaming of our meets.

This year we are running a USA Swimming Foundation approved fundraiser called a Swim-a-Thon. On December 17 the entire team will come together for three hours to swim their fastest times for thousands of laps!

Everyone gets involved. Athletes will be swimming as well as cheering on their teammates. Parents will be making pancakes to keep the kids charged up for the event. We can't wait to to get in the pool! Thank you so much for your kind support.
Participants | Rank 0/161
$880.00 Alexis McCauley
$800.00 Tess Miota
$575.00 Lily Reeve
$525.00 Jake Raymond
Top Roster (amount)
$4,187.50 Junior Black
$3,147.50 Age Group Black
$1,652.50 Age Group Red
$1,240.00 HS Boys Black
$1,010.00 (Deleted Group)
Top Locations (amount)
$12,450.00 Shorewood
$1,010.00 Unassigned