Swim Suits

Athletes are required to wear red or black swim suits at meets: girls should wear one-piece suits, and boys should wear jammers or briefs. There is not a required "team" suit, which makes suit purchasing cheap. swimoutlet.com has solid-color suits. Buying a suit for competition as well as a separate one for practice will lengthen the amount of time your competition suit lasts. Practice suits can be any color!


Goggles can be expensive, but every swimmer knows that a truly good pair of goggles goes a long way. The coaching staff recommends purchasing TWO PAIRS of Speedo Vanquisher goggles, which also can be ordered online at swimoutlet.com. Goggle costs CAN AND WILL add up if you lose or break them, so keep them safe! Getting bungie google straps instead of relying on the in-box straps is a good investment.

Swim Caps

Red TOSA swim caps are required at meets! Latex caps cost $5 and silicone caps cost $15. They may be ordered at the season's start, or purchased at practice or intrasquad meets. Checks are preferable, and can be made out to "Tosa Aquatic Club." Any cap is acceptable for practice.

Training Equipment - Group requirements

You can order equipment from SWIMOUTLET and we get a small kick back as long as you go through that link! You will find our recommendations at the link, but you can buy anything from their site and the team will still benefit. Make sure the equipment you purchase is the proper size! Look for child/youth vs adult!

Iron and Bronze:  mesh bag, flippers, 2 pairs of goggles, and a kick board.
Silver and Gold  mesh bag, flippers, a pull buoy,
2 pairs of goggles, and a kick board.
Junior: mesh bag, ZOOMERS (short fin flippers), pull buoy, 2 pairs of goggles, and a kick board.
Junior+ and up: mesh bag, zoomers, pull buoy, paddles, 2 pairs of goggles, kick board, small parachute (8 inch is appropriate for all swimmers).

All of these can be found on SWIM OUTLET, and we get a kick back!


An apparel order goes out at the beginning of each Fall and Spring. This generally includes t-shirts, sweat pants, mesh shorts, and the like.