TOSA Meets:

Intrasquad meets are TOSA club-only events. They are designed to be a fun and low-stress intro to competition. Swimmers compete against their group-matched teammates, and are rewarded with ribbons!

These meets are a practice version of USA Swim meets.  They are geared towards introducing our novice swimmers to competition.  They are typically on a Friday or a Thursday night in place of  practice at Tosa West High School.  Check in usually starts at 5:30 at the doors to the pool entrance. There is a $5 fee due at check-in, please bring cash in small bills! There is no charge for just attending!

We cannot pull these nights off without the help of parents so please volunteer to help out! There are lots of jobs to fill and we are willing to teach you what you need to do; no experience is required! Volunteer positions are open for set up, lane timers (2 per lane), staging (lining kids for their swims) head timer, awards table, check in table, clean up and announcer.


What is an "Event/Heat/Lane/Stroke" tattoo?

How do I sign up for a TOSA meet?