Tosa Aquatic Club (TOSA) is a USA Swimming affiliated club and as such we participate in USA Swimming sanctioned swim competitions ("USA Meets").  

In order to participate, our club must be in good standing with USA Swimming and WI Swimming.  ALL of our swimmers must be registered as athletes for insurance and competition registration purposes.

Our club provides opportunity for the swimmers to compete against other Wisconsin swim teams throughout the season.  Registration for these meets is done online only with various deadlines throughout the season.  These meets and deadlines can be found on our events page.


Competing at USA Swimming meets is the purpose of our training. The Swordfish coaches teach and train your swimmers with competition in mind. It is very difficult to see issues or measure improvement without competition and official times.

Should my swimmer participate in USA meets?

Yes, absolutely! Keep in mind though that swimmers who are new to the sport are encouraged to participate in Intrasquad meets first. We host intrasquad every month where the meet is designed to prepare young and new swimmers for USA Swimming meets. After a few intrasquad meets, get them swimming at USA meets! Read more about Intrasquad Meets HERE!

What does a USA meet look like?

USA swim meets are hosted by different area teams at their pool or a pool that they have rented for the meet. These meets generally last 1-3 days, occur on Fridays, Saturdays, and/or Sundays, and are usually divided into sessions by age groups. Many teams attend these meets, meaning there will be a lot more swimmers and spectators.

Expect meets to be warm, long, and loud; bring something to drink and something to do between events.

How much do USA meets cost?

USA meets generally cost between $30 and $50 per meet depending on how many swimmers/spectators are attending. Events are about $4 each, plus a 'splash fee' that all athletes must pay before competition. There is usually a spectator admission fee of about $3, and heat sheets about $3. The entry fees and splash fee are billed to your account through the TeamUnify system.  Keep money in your team account!

How do I register for swim meets?

Swim meet dates are published both on the Calendar and on the Events page of the website. To register, go to the Events page. Click on the link to the particular meet's information. Select Attend / Decline, and then follow the directions. You need to let the administrator know who is swimming what at a given meet.

Make sure your events are selected before the entry deadline! It is your responsibility to know when meet entries are due (which is also on the Calendar and Events page), although the administrator will almost always send reminder emails. Usually, if an entry is incomplete, the administrator will offer a grace period, and send a reminder email. If nothing is heard in time, events will be selected for you.

Once committed, you are responsible for those events! The club sends a reservation at the beginning of the season, so even if you cannot make it to compete you are still responsible for paying for the swims.

What events should I sign up for?

Talk to your athlete's coach! It breaks our hearts when someone gets signed up for an event that they are not ready for. Disqualification is not fun, neither for the athlete or coach. Having a strong communicating relationship with the coach is key! Talk to them before and after practice.

Swim Meet Hints

"Event/Heat/Lane/Stroke" Tattoo