Parental Involvement

We cannot emphasize enough how important parental involvement is to the operation of the club. Our coaches are part-time employees whose responsibilities are to coach and nurture our swimmers. The coaches are in charge at practices and meets. Parents must fill in the gaps at all other times to keep things running smoothly.

Our parent board ordinarily meets every month during practice time. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend the board meeting. Attendance does not necessarily mean you will be recruited to the board!

The board members who help govern our club are all parent volunteers, but there are expenses involved such as Team Unify, our website provider, and filing for 501 (c)(3) status. Parents organize the fundraisers that cover these costs which are not included with our registration fees.  With success we have been able to set aside funds for swimmer scholarships, coach travel expenses and equipment purchases.

Finally, it is parents that coordinate the social events that really make our team fun such as post-meet parties, overnight stays and the team picnic in the summer.  Watch your e-mail, visit our website and look for notices on the bleachers at practice for opportunities to volunteer. All of the volunteer jobs are fun and a great opportunity to get to know other swim parents.


Current Board Members:

Rebecca Eder, President [email protected]

Gina Owley, Vice President  [email protected]

Tom Pagel, Treasurer  [email protected]

Stellana Korb, Secretary  [email protected]

Lauren Moore, Board Member at Large: [email protected]