A letter from the VAST Board…

Hello and thank you for your interest in VAST!  This team launched in Sept 2020, but we had a very nontraditional first year, navigating Covid restrictions.  In a lot of ways, we feel the 2021-2022 season is our first real year and we are still figuring things out as we go. 

A bit about us - we are a small, community based youth swim team who will always maintain a majority of VASD resident swimmers.  Our mission is to help nurture athletes to develop confidence, respect, discipline and dedication that will help them be successful not just in swimming, but more importantly in life.  Our team consists of swimmers of all ages and abilities.

It is important to our (amazing!) Head Coach that we stick to reasonable swimmer per lane ratios, to ensure a positive experience for our swimmers. For this reason, each of our groups have hard caps on them.  Also important to note that we are a small team.  We expect to max out at 150 swimmers for the upcoming Short Course season.  For perspective, there are teams in Dane County that have 2-3+ times as many swimmers as we expect to have.

We know that parents are weighing options for the fall/winter – so wanted to be transparent about our upcoming fall registration.  Below is our plan/timeline:

  • 8/8 – 8/10 - Group 1 (current VAST summer swimmers) will have the opportunity to register
  • 8/12 - 8/14 – Group 2 (returning VAST swimmers) will have the opportunity to register
  • 8/16 – swimmer evaluation registration opens for new swimmers interested in joining VAST.  At this point, we should know exactly how many spots we have available and in which groups, so families will know prior to registering/attending the evaluation.
  • Week of 8/23 (exact date TBD) – new swimmer evaluations will be held
  • A couple of days after the evaluation is complete, Group 3 (new swimmers who successfully complete the evaluation) will have the opportunity to register for any remaining spots.
  • 9/7 – Fall Short Course season starts

There are 139 total swimmers that fall into Groups 1 & 2 – meaning we could have as few as 11 spots available to new swimmers.  We know that kids’ interests change, so we’d be surprised if all 139 decided to register.  But honestly, we will not know for sure what our availability is until after Groups 1 & 2 register.

Our best guess is that the bulk of our available spots will be for swimmers 10 years and younger.  We have a large group of returning swimmers in the 11-18 age range. If they all register, it is possible will have no spots open for new 11&O swimmers.

Please check back on 8/16 for more definitive information.


The VAST Board


[email protected]